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 ~Forever Bloomers by Swell Forever~

A Maker's Musings

When you are a small business, launching an original new product, is a process of determination and celebrating every little inch of success. Believe me, the process is measured in inches, figuratively and literally! That moment when you find the perfect fabric for instance. It is such a joyous little success that you feel like buying yourself a cupcake and toasting some champagne in celebration. In my case at least, the moment always calls for a cupcake...or two. Launching a line of baby bloomers seemed so simple. Find a pattern, cut some fabric, and voile new product. Just for starters, finding a pattern often means actually making a pattern, an entertaining skill for sure.

I am not sure how many designers or inventors you have known in your life, but I can vouch for the fact that bringing a product to life, especially when it has to fit the bill of 1) heirloom 2) made in USA 3) beautiful 4) high quality 5) not as expensive as a new car and 5) allows room to support an Adoption Fund, is extremely challenging.

That fabric thing. Let's go back to that. It's great if you live in NYC or a big fabric/fashion capital but most wholesalers have to send you slivers of samples if you think you see something you like. You spend weeks finding samples from various manufacturers just to wait for them to arrive. A lot of time they are forgotten. So you have to harass some poor soul into sending them again. And by the time you do get the fabric, it is the size of a business card. Pretty hard to finalize major sourcing decisions based on that if I do say so myself. But, weeks, most of the time months worth of sourcing materials while trying to entertain a rug rat that really seems to love all of me in every sense (as well as my computer) is pretty laborious. Seeing these fancy little pants come to life with the very hard work of my mother who actually knows how the sewing machine works, is an indescribable joy. I am so happy with how our Forever Bloomers have evolved and felt it worthwhile to share a little glimpse into what brought them to life.

My mom and I met several times with a group of some of the loveliest refugee women and a team committed to helping them earn a living wage while learning to sew. While the project wasn't an ideal fit for the current time, we are so excited to have met them and start exploring how we can design and produce other collections with them in the future. You learn something at every turn. This learning takes a good amount of time and energy but I am hopeful that Swell Forever will greatly benefit from the process of bringing every little thing to life.

I wish I had more appreciation in the past for the makers that dream things up and more importantly, the makers that make things happen. It is a true labor of love to bring a product to market, even if on a wee little scale. 

When you buy our Forever Bloomers, they will always have our signature personalized message tags stitched into the inside seam of the backside. I decided to move forward with bloomers for a few reasons. First of all, I love them. They are simple, yet elegant. They don't take up a lot of room and are easy to hold onto as a keepsake. They are practical and can go with onesies, dresses, or be worn alone in timeless photographs. I also found one particular pair of my daughter's to be a "go to" item in her wardrobe. I will always treasure them.

Bloomers are unique in that they serve as a little dash of darling, a small accent where the real little beauty takes center stage.

I hope people see newborn or birthday photos of swell babes wearing our bloomers and the first thing they exclaim is how precious the wee one in the photo is, how beautiful. Forever Bloomers will just add a little delight to a moment captured for always. Life is not about the clothes we wear or people we impress. It should be about cultivating and cherishing moments that can't be erased with time...the flashbacks that carry us through and remind us that the love we feel or have felt is really real. I believe somehow our little bloomer collection can play a role in those forever memories. Here's to hoping you love them as much as I do!


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Additional Patterns and Styles Coming Soon!

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