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A Beer Tasting Couple's Shower

A Beer Tasting Couple's Shower

Can I tell you how much fun a beer tasting is?

Well, since I am pregnant, it is not as fun, but the decorating, company and planning were quite exciting for me. I love that our friends at Beer Greetings let me borrow some of their unique beer cartons that double as greeting cards. They also let me use the graphics to create our invitations and some of the decor for the event like our Beer Tasting Rating Cards.

How to throw a beer tasting?

I can't say my way is the best, but letting guests rate their favorite beers from little shot glasses and pick the perfect two that reflect the couple best was how we did it. There were four hostesses who all pitched in to bring a different style beer (fruity, stout, pilsner, etc.) and a selection of appetizers that paired well with beer! The winner? Actually, I cannot remember the name but it had grapefruit in it! 

Besides the Beer Greetings cartons that pretty much set the design and color scheme, I found the polka dot glasses and shot glasses from two different Marshalls and almost everything else was purchased from Amazon the week of the event from the beer napkins, confetti, green paper plates to the cupcake liners, dot stickers, plastic shot glasses and beer can cupcake toppers. 

Our Menu:

  • Soft Pretzels and Dips
  • Cocktail dogs in crescent rolls
  • Trail Mix
  • Salad with avocado and fresh parmesan, raspberry dressing
  • Fruit Bowl
  • Cheese Platter with Hummus
  • Mini Cupcakes adorned with beer cans

And every couple needs a Forever Blanket® as a wedding gift with personalized message tag!



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