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The Magnetts are Adopting

The Magnetts are Adopting

Swell Adoption Fund: April 2016

Hi, we are Tom & Tori Magnett. Adoption is such a beautiful word.

Adoption to us means love, dedication, and courage.  Love because it is the most loving act a person could do.  Dedication, because it is a long process with lots of paper work and hoops to jump through. And courage, because you have to walk through a lot of unknowns. In March of 2013 God laid adoption upon our hearts, so we have been in the process now for 3 years. We felt we should adopt overseas, but after trying to adopt from 2 countries that decided to close their doors to adoption in the middle of the process, we decided to switch back to domestic adoption. We are adopting through Lifeline Children Services. Domestically, Lifeline specializes in Birth Mom Adoptions.

We have been waiting patiently for a birth mother to pick us. It is a very long, hard, emotional journey, but it will be well worth the wait! We have had our ups and downs but this process has made us stronger. We cannot wait until we have our forever child in our arms! 



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