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A South Korean Adoption

A South Korean Adoption

Swell Adoption Fund: May 2016

Meet the W's!

We are in the process of adopting a sixteen month old baby boy from South Korea.  This will be our first child, and we are so excited to become parents!  God undeniably opened our hearts to adoption and His hand has been visible throughout our adoption process. When people ask us “Why Korea?”, our answer is simple – that is where God clearly led us and put on our hearts. We describe our adoption story as us knocking on one door and God opening that door and (seemingly) dozens more. We are humbled that God has allowed us to start our family through adoption, and we cannot wait to see what God has in store for our growing family!

Our baby boy is a waiting child who had a seizure early on in his life; we are happy to report that he’s growing and thriving and hasn’t had any additional seizures. We are currently awaiting one last document from the US government, and then our Dossier will be complete and ready to send to Korea.

We’ve known about our baby boy since September 2015. Back then, when we were collecting tons of documents, undergoing our home study, and moving to a home that could fit our family, the feeling of waiting was distracted by how busy we were.

Now, the waiting seems harder…finding out that our baby’s vocabulary is growing, seeing pictures of him giggling, etc. and not being able to be a part of those moments is tough. But, we trust that God has a perfect time for our son to join our family. We are so eager to meet our son in Korea and finally be able to hold him in our arms!


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