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The Millie Dress: A Legacy of Kindness

The Millie Dress: A Legacy of Kindness

A message for Maddie from Millie 

My life has been blessed by the presence of two special Millies.

One is my cousin's adorable daughter, Amelia Rose. She's classy, vibrant and loving and as girly as that ruffled hem.

The other Millie entered my life in a different way: through her story. Her parents are dear friends of my dear friends, so I witnessed her birth and her loss through photos and posts shared online. I was touched by her dainty beauty and perfection and deeply heartbroken by heaven's gain a few short days later.

Some people just touch you in a special way and that is all I can explain about this little girl who I never got to meet. I created a dress for her older sister Maddie first, but her mom decided that she would also like to make a special dress for Millie. It only makes sense that the sweet girl herself would have her very own dress dedicated to celebrating all her loveliness and importance in this world.

If there is one thing I have heard from several friends who have lost small children, it is that they don't want the world to forget their babies as time goes by. Knowing this, I set out to surprise Keri and Josh with words that would echo her "foreverness."

Millie's legacy is kindness and it has already touched many hearts. It is amazing how kindness makes people feel when they experience it. It becomes even more powerful because once you know that feeling, you learn how important it is to make others feel the same.

Kindness Begets Kindness.

Soon you have an incredible ripple effect of beautiful acts done in love, all tracing back to the day one precious life inspired those who knew of her, to show selflessness to another.

To me, Millie's story has only begun. You don't have to be present for your life to make its mark on others. I encourage you to think about what you can do today to embrace someone else through an act of gentle kindness. And when you do, that person will not forget. They will learn from your love and pass it on. We will forever see the impact of a little girl that brought with her entrance into this world, a gift of warmth and love, and a stunning story that goes on.

Millie Anna Watts


If your life has been touched by Millie, or her legacy of kindness, I encourage you to share it on our Facebook page, share this blog post, or send a message to her parents through Facebook.

No parent ever tires of hearing something wonderful about their child.

To further her legacy, we will put a special card in each Millie order that highlights the importance of doing for others. Little girls all over will be able to reflect on Millie's spirit and what it means to wrap another in love. And finally, your gift of a Millie dress will pave the way for the sweetest of gifts: a forever family for a child who desperately needs to know what this kindness thing is all about.

For Millie. We miss you.



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