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Wrap Your Support Around U.S. Children in Foster Care

Wrap Your Support Around U.S. Children in Foster Care

We are small, but mighty.

While we work to grow this love venture and raise awareness for our heartfelt, one-of-a-kind heirloom gifts, the mission of helping children in need of this precious thing called forever family is always a driving force in the products we make and the things we take on.

It will take us a while to build up the Swell Forever Adoption Fund, but with your purchases, we are working on making it a resource that is truly helpful to families. 

One theme that always emerges with the idea of fostering children or adopting from foster care is the fact that many people do not feel this calling.

We definitely understand and that is why we want to use Swell Forever as a vehicle for raising awareness for all the things you can do to SUPPORT children in foster care and in need of forever families even if you know for a fact that is not for you. The reality is that there are hundreds of thousands of children across our nation that have been abused or neglected and need safe shelter through foster care. Of these children, there are over 100,000 that are waiting for a forever family. It is a slow process to find a forever home, but NUMEROUS families do feel called and are waiting to show their love to these kids.

What I love about Swell Forever is the ability for us to rally around these families. So many of them are barely getting by themselves but the calling to make their family a home is so strong, they are accepting the sacrifices that this can bring financially. To showcase just one way that we can help these children, I would love your support with our very first:

Virtual Adoption Shower

Honoring The Mercado-Sedillos Family in Albuquerque, NM

Will you help us wrap our love around this family who has accepted the placement of two young brothers into their family in anticipation of finalizing their adoption?

The little boys are 14 months and 2.5 years with some mild developmental delays. Due to these delays and the sudden placement of the kids, the family has had to spend over $14,000 on improvements to make their home safer for the brothers and to make room.

While they will receive some subsidy support through foster care until the adoption is finalized, those subsidies will not cover their upfront expenses. We think it is fitting to help them celebrate these wonderful new additions to their family just like we would if they were bringing home a new baby. They need diapers, toddler snacks, wipes, toys, and child care essentials. They will continue to need these things for some time.

We invite you to show your support for their new life together and help them get off to a great and promising new start. They are currently registered at Amazon.com at the link below. Even if you can only afford something small, they would be so appreciative of your help. There is also an option for gift cards on the registry that they could use for other items needed by the family over the coming months. Happy shopping and thank you, thank you, thank you. Feel free to share!


Who says we can't make a difference in the lives of children that desperately need a place to call home? We can and we will.


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