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A Swell Adoption Fund for Foster

A Swell Adoption Fund for Foster

Happy National Adoption Awareness Month!

We are kicking this incredible month off with an introduction to our October / November Adoption Fund Recipients:

The Zaruba Family and their new son, Foster.

The Zaruba family had to take out a last minute $35,000 loan to become parents to a baby boy in the NICU who was born in Florida. This Texas family made the long trek and spent weeks by his side as he battled illness. He is now home with his Forever Family and they are in need of help to cover adoption and care related expenses. 

The Zarubas have a very interesting story and you can follow Casey as she blogs. She also happens to be an adoption consultant. Their heart for adoption started with an effort to adopt from both Africa and the Czech Republic. However, so far, those adoptions have not panned out. Because the money they raised to adopt a young child out of the Czech Republic is being held by the agency until an adoption is finalized, they were unable to access any of it in order to adopt Foster who needed an immediate adoptive family.

They have taken a huge leap of faith and a very large loan out to build their family and bring this beautiful boy home for all time. He is now on the road to a full recovery. It is our mission to help make adoptions more feasible for families who feel the desire and calling.

For every gift you buy through Swell Forever in the month of November, as always, a portion of the proceeds will go directly to this family. 


Learn more about their journey here, and for precious photos of baby Foster, find Casey on Instagram.


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