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Spreading Sunshine Thru (Project Leo William &)

Spreading Sunshine Thru (Project Leo William &)

The Stunning Little Leo William

It is incredibly humbling to have the opportunity to use Swell Forever as a vehicle for bringing joy to others, helping raise awareness for those who need a champion, and perpetually discovering ways to help others on a mission.

The Surrats are one of those families who have a mission and it involves a whole lot of sunshine. Their beautiful son, Leo William, was born just a few days before my daughter in March. A few months later he did not wake up and was taken by SIDS.

His family is turning their heartbreak into a unique opportunity to show others light in the darkness of their grief. To help families going through the difficult and suffocating loss of an infant, they have created sunshine boxes full of beautiful handmade products in colors reminiscent of sunshine. It is a kind and unexpected gesture that goes a long way in showing parents that someone knows what they are experiencing and cares to bring slivers of joy back into their lives.

In order to help Leo William's family keep Leo's love shining on, Swell Forever is honored to debut a new Forever Bird.

The Sunshine Edition Forever Bird

Every time you pay kindness forward for someone in need of a simple, yet heartfelt reminder that they are loved + adored through a Sunshine Edition Forever Bird, we will donate one of these beautiful symbols of resilience to Project Leo William &.

They will gift them in their Sunshine Boxes and keep love and hope coming for families who need to know that they will not be alone on their journey through heartbreak.

To learn more about Project Leo William &, visit their Facebook page and follow them on Instagram. Help us spread #leoslight.


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