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Swell Adoption Fund: Micah

Swell Adoption Fund: Micah

Meet the Beautiful Miracle Baby Named Micah

We are helping another deserving family with a HUGE heart for adoption and children with special needs.

They are requesting help with the financial weight that comes with adoption. This is their THIRD adoption and all of their adoptions have involved special needs.

I would love to introduce you to the Coffee family!

They will be our December and January Swell Forever Adoption Fund Recipients. A portion of proceeds from all of our gifts (excluding Sunshine Forever Birds) sold during these months will be donated to help them with the legal and care expenses related to bringing home their newest son Micah! I hope you enjoy learning more about them in their own words. You can also donate directly to their Funding Link if you feel compelled to do so.


The Coffee Family Adopts Again 

Greetings. We are the Coffee Family, David and Kristen along with our sons Caleb, Elijah, Gabriel and Micah. When my husband and I were engaged we often talked about how we hoped God would bless us with a large family. We both love kids so after a year and a half of marriage finding out we were pregnant was amazing. My pregnancy was pretty easy and we had a beautiful baby boy we named Caleb. We were so excited to have a child and guess what, he was perfect...in every way of course!

When Caleb turned 1.5 years old we longed for another child, but it didn't happen. We tried for six more painful years with no results. The tears and frustration sometimes felt so great. I would cry out to God "What do you want from me"? I always figured if I do this... then. It never worked.

After many long discussions and a lot of time in prayer as a couple and individually we decided to adopt. I can't lie, it was a very difficult decision. Almost felt as though we were giving up. The fears of will we bond, will the baby be "perfect" like Caleb, what if a birthmom doesn't like us and how on earth do we afford adoption?

In 2010 we got our home study done and we were ready, but we waited and waited and...waited. Sigh, the waiting is so hard. Again, God what do you want from me? It was a Wednesday evening and I was heading grocery shopping alone and I sat in my car listening to Laura Story's song Blessing. I cried out to God "either give me a child or take this stupid desire away!"

That Sunday we were in church and in the middle of worship I heard His voice...I immediately turned to my husband and said I know what it is, I know what God wants! He wants us to adopt a child with Down Syndrome. David looked at me and said, "okay."

What happened next is no coincidence. It was all God.

While laying in bed Monday night (yes the very next day) unable to sleep I got on Facebook, admit it you all do that! :)

An online friend had posted that a family was needed for a little boy born that day that was blessed with an extra chromosome. I immediately woke my husband and he said "lets go for it". We submitted our home study but were told birth mom preferred a CA family and here we were all the way across the country in NY. Well, guess what? We brought Elijah home 8 weeks later.

We were then contacted by the Down Syndrome association a few months after bringing Eli home that there was a little boy six weeks old also blessed with DS that needed a family. He was a twin and his birth parents wanted him in a family with another child around his age and the fact that Eli also had DS was a blessing to them. A few short weeks later we were on our way back to California to adopt our second child.

Life with them has been amazing and our oldest Caleb is by far the best big brother ever.

A few months ago I felt the tug to adopt another baby and as soon as I said it to my husband he was in agreement. We are on a message board for special needs adoptions and heard of a little boy that had a brain injury after being resuscitated at birth for 17 minutes. As a result he has a level two brain bleed and audiology neuropathy. He most likely will be deaf but we know God is still in the business of miracles and we are believing one for our newest little guy, Micah.

All of our adoptions have happened quickly and we have used both our savings and fundraising. We know that not everyone is called to adopt but God calls us to all help the orphans. We need you, your prayers most of all and if you are able your financial support.

As you can imagine it doesn't just stop with our adoption fees. We have significant medical that we pay each month for specialists. We know the Lord will continue to provide, we are amazingly blessed.


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