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Beauty Behind a Cracked Door

Beauty Behind a Cracked Door

An Adoption Vignette by Sierra Alexander Carlisle

I am mother of three beauties, who came to us through the miracle of adoption.

Two of my little ones are special needs adoptions through foster care. When we saw our middle son's face, though he had a couple needs that were different from you or I, we just "knew" and there was nothing that was going to keep us from saying no. Shortly after bringing him home we got a call for another child. A girl. A little girl that at 6 weeks had already defied the odds. And still, at the time of that call, her future looked very grim.

Was it scary? Yes. How could it not be? We were taking in a child with a great chance of just "lying there" as we were told. A child that was expected to pass away and who was said to have no brain matter. Fast forward to today and I can tell you with great assurance that she does anything but lay there. She is an amazing, smart, and ever-so-sassy 2 1/2 year old little girl. But even if she didn't have a life like this, it didn't matter. She is our daughter. It can be hard at times but who said parenting was supposed to be easy?

I am often asked why we wanted to adopt children with special needs. I like to think of it like this.... When one door closes that's the obvious sign to move on. When one is wide open its like God is hitting you in the head telling you to go for it!

But my favorite doors are those that are cracked open. The ones that many may pass up.

But if you just stop and take a peek, there might be something so great waiting inside. The one that if you didn't take the time to stop and pray about, you might miss because you are so busy looking for the obvious door that's wide open. When you stop and pray you discover what beauty could be partially hidden behind it.

The Carlisle Family

We wish you all a Swell Forever!


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