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Brands with Heart: Jacob's Scarves

Brands with Heart: Jacob's Scarves

Brands with Heart Collaboration Launch #brandswithheart

A spotlight on our collaborations with brands we love that are doing great things for others.

Jacob's Scarves: For Education

In 2012 Jacob's Scarves founder, Kiri Berdan, spent a semester teaching English in Zhongshan, China. While she was living there, she met and fell in love with the family that lived on the first floor of her building. There were four adults, and one of the cutest little boys she had ever seen. As time went on, she learned that the little boy, Jacob, would grow up without the opportunity to attend school. Although both his parents and grandparents worked 12+ hours a day, they just simply couldn't afford the high cost of Jacob's elementary education. Being an English teacher in their city, and knowing first-hand the importance of education and English as a second language, Kiri knew something had to be done. After a little thought - and a lot of divine intervention - Jacob's Scarves began.

Fifty Percent of EVERY purchase supports education in Jacob's Scarves communities around the world.

The company features darling scarves and knit hats offering a variety of classic and trend styles for women and children alike. Working hard to source responsibly, Jacob's Scarves features products from Turkey, China, Uganda, and from within the US. Kiri works hard to purchase scarves from the same communities where they are sponsoring children - like they do with their Uganda line. We are big fans here at Swell Forever and hope you check them out. xoxo


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