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Heartbreak, Happiness & Adoption

Heartbreak, Happiness & Adoption

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The Matticolas: Heartbreak & Happiness

When I first "met" Jennifer Matticola, she and her husband were still grieving the loss of their beautiful three month old daughter, Camryn, who passed away from complications related to a congenital heart defect. They had started the adoption process and heard many "no's" from prospective birth mothers. This is so hard to go through when you ache to hold a baby in your arms again.

Within a week of selecting this couple to receive our grant fund for April, they finally heard a big YES from a birth mother who realized she wanted a better life for her TWO children ages seven months and 22 months.

When the opportunity to love and cherish not only one little person, but two comes your way, what do you do? Stop everything in your life and hop on a plane to pick them up of course! I wanted to include an excerpt from The Matticola's Go Fund Me page to share more of their story below. Their daughter Camryn will always be their first child and an important part of their family even as they start this new adventure called adoption.

Baby Camryn and her cousin

If you would like to support the Matticolas as they build their family with very little notice or time to prepare for two new loves, please feel free to donate towards their last $2000 of money owed to their agency on their Funding page.

Many people do not realize the hoops adoptive families jump through to afford the agency and due process fees associated with building their families through this avenue. The Matticolas have collected baby bottles of loose change, hosted a fundraising BBQ and planned a yard sale as well as saved, saved, saved for this special time in their lives.

The new additions to the Matticola family.

If you want to help them welcome their new son and daughter, you can also purchase something off either of their baby registries linked in below. All of your purchases in April (go ahead and get your Mother's Day shopping finished!) will help support this family as well.

Matticola Adoption Fund Donations

Baby Registries:


Babies R Us 

Dear friends & family,

3 1/2 years ago, God set us out on a journey as husband and wife. During this time we have grown to love one another and Christ more everyday. During this time, we have also suffered a great loss when we lost our baby girl Camryn to her battle with HLHS. Today we would like to include you on our next journey... Our journey to adopt.

From the time we started dating and knew we would eventually get married, we started talking about adoption. We knew that we wanted to have a child of our own before we planned to adopt. Camryn was our gift from God.

However, we were only granted 80 days with Camryn before God called her home to him. I can remember sitting beside her bed and talking about adoption because we witnessed many babies laying in their cribs with no one to love on them. It broke our hearts. We prayed for each and every baby and for their future. So here we are today trying to take action on the burden that God has laid on our hearts.

As Christians we are called to support adoption, because we are all adopted through Christ. So now we have followed God's lead and will for our lives and we have decided to adopt our first child.

We are in the initial stages of our adoption journey. At this time we have chosen an adoption organization and are saving money to begin the home study process. Unfortunately, the process of adoption requires us to step out on a leap of faith and to be stretched in many ways that are outside of our comfort zone. We are so thankful that we have the means to provide for a child's daily needs, but the reality is there is a substantial amount of money that is needed to bring this baby home. Would you be willing to enter this journey with us financially or through your prayers and encouragement?  It all means the world to us!

There are a couple of ways you could financially support us. We have started a blog that will keep everyone updated on our adoption journey. We will also list out any fundraisers we are doing in order to fund our adoption. On our blog there is also a donation button that allows you to make a donation that will go directly to our adoption account. If you would rather send a check by mail that is fine as well. Either way, your donation and prayers will be used for the sole purpose of bringing our baby home.

This letter has been one of much prayer and thought. We have struggled with how to ask our friends and family for support. But, we know God uses his people for his purposes. We would be honored to know you helped us bring our baby home and knowing that this child will grow up in a Christian home. We are humbly on our knees before God, knowing that he will do great things through our faith in him! Thank you so much for your prayers and support.

With love,
Cory and Jennifer


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