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Foster Swell: With Cloth Diapers

Foster Swell: With Cloth Diapers

Foster Love. Foster Kindness. Foster Swell.

Giving Diapers Giving Hope by Dirty Diaper Laundry's Kim Rosas

Cloth diapering can save families thousands of dollars and for families living in poverty every dollar counts.  Ironically, the barrier to entry for using cloth diapers can be too high for the families who would benefit most from their money saving properties.  That is why Giving Diapers, Giving Hope exists.  GDGH is a non-profit organization that gives families a chance to start cloth diapering for the cost of shipping.  Our organization provides each approved family with a set of 16 changes worth or more for families with 2+ in diapers. 

GDGH relies on the generosity of families who have diapers they are no longer using.   They ship them to our distribution center in Bozeman, Montana and we send them back out!  Any family in the US or at APO addresses can apply including approved foster families!  GDGH has served the needs of many foster families since 2011. 

All families need to qualify financially and our guidelines are on our website.  For foster families we need additional documentation that shows the family is approved to foster or is currently fostering a baby in diapers.  We will send a set of One Size diapers so that they will fit a variety of babies- typically 10-40 pounds. 

Having clean diapers is a right, not a privilege. GDGH was founded by a single mother; she realized soon after losing her job how impossible it is for families living “in the system” to afford diapers each week.  Federal and State programs do not supply diapers and food stamps can't be used for diapers.  Her cloth diapers made it possible to keep her baby’s bottom dry; when they were all dirty all she had to do was wash them.  Her goal and our goal is to make sure every family who wants to cloth diaper can, regardless of their income level.

To learn more about our program, to apply, or to donate you can visit the GDGH website. GDGH is a 501c3 Non-Profit and all donations are tax deductible.  You can also get in touch by emailing givingdiapersgivinghope@gmail.com.

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