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Swell Adoption Fund: The Lokkers

Swell Adoption Fund: The Lokkers

Swell Adoption Fund: June 2015

An Adoption Story: The Lokkers

In celebration of Foster Care Awareness Month during May, we donated proceeds from gifts ordered during the month to a single foster mom so that she could get started cloth diapering her foster son. Thank you so much to Lalabyebaby cloth diapers for helping us pay love forward with $400 worth of beautiful, durable and bamboo lined cloth diapers. Cloth can be an expensive investment up front but over the course of time, it pays itself back in diaper savings, resource savings, and also if cared for with love, the diapers can be resold for a decent price after use.

And now it is June. I am so excited to introduce you to our featured family for this month's Swell Adoption Fund. Know that all purchases (except sunshine Forever Birds and The Blooming Book which are buy one, give one) will help this family fund their adoption. Enjoy a bit more about The Lokker Family!

We are Eric and Joyann. We have been married for four fun filled years.

In 2010, we met through a blind date. Love came quickly and we were married eight months later! The desire to grow a family has always been a similarity between the two of us. We both knew from an early age that we wanted kids and that adoption would be part of the plan of how we would grow our future families. As this conversation came up on our second date, it was a blessing to find these common desires and look forward to this happening for our family together.

We now have a beautiful two year old daughter, Paisley. She is adventurous, joyful, giving, and always happy. As Paisley has overflowed our home with fun and love, we anxiously await to become a family of four through adoption! We have completed our home study and are now eagerly waiting to be matched with a birth mother. While we know that this could become a reality any day, we also know that it can take some time. As we attempt to be patient through this waiting period, we have continued to fundraise knowing that it is our goal to remain out of debt throughout this entire adoption process.

Through our time of working with our home study, we together are open for whatever child God has for us, and we do hope for an open adoption. We already have such love for the birth mother we are matched with and admire her for her selfless love she is pouring into her child. We look forward to sharing this love with our child, always knowing what a strong foundation this is to build a life from.

Aside from the fundraising and paperwork we have been doing in the last ten months, we do cherish our time together enjoying our hobbies. As a family, we love to be outdoors. Hiking, camping, playing sports and running are where we usually find ourselves during our free time in the evenings and on the weekends. Quality time is vital to us and so every moment together is a cherished time of memories.


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