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Letter of Profound Thanks

Letter of Profound Thanks

Letter from a Bereaved Mother

Follow up from our Mother's Day Love Paid Forward Project

I just received the loveliest letter from the mom we surprised with cards of encouragement thanks to our customers' help in honor of Mother's Day. Her son, Pip, was killed by a hit and run driver a few months before graduation from college.

His grave is next to that of another mom's infant son who is part of our Swell Mamas: Life After Loss group. Carla told us about how Pip was an only child so we decided to shower her with love on Mother's Day. The following note was shared through Carla and highlights just how much kindness means to someone whose heart is hurting.

On her behalf, thank you all for caring, for participating and for keeping her and her family in your hearts and thoughts. Losing a pregnancy, an infant, a child, a teen, or an adult son or daughter is beyond comprehension and life altering on a million levels. Thank you for helping Swell Forever be a voice and support for those who have been touched by this grief.

Dear Carla,

We have never met, but your kindness and compassion have touched my soul and helped me get through moments of deep sorrow.

My husband, David, and I had left for a 5 week trip abroad last May 10th, Mother's Day. It was not a coincidence that we traveled that day. I think we felt it would keep us busy and focused on something other than Mother's Day.  Of course, it was just a subterfuge as not thinking of the Day was impossible. Pip's death has made every day seem like Mother's Day because I treasure having been his mother and remember so many moments that defined that very precious relationship.

My dear friend Sonia found the beautiful flowers and cards that you and other caring people took time to send me. I was in Dubai when Sonia told me what she found and I was so moved that I was overwhelmed. I truly felt the enormity of what love and compassion can accomplish in the midst of sorrow. After being away for five weeks, today, I received the Mother's Day cards.

Each card has been a gift of hope, caring and encouragement far beyond what I could ever have imagined. Please know how deeply all of you have touched my life.

Carla, I am not on social networks, but I would like everyone who wrote to me through Swell Forever to know they have made a meaningful difference in this bereaved mother's life.

God bless all of you,
Julia (Pip's mom)




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