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An Adoption Wish: The Malones

An Adoption Wish: The Malones

Swell Adoption Fund: July 2015

Justin and I met when we were 17, and almost instantly we knew we'd found the person we would spend our lives with.

After graduating college from Auburn University, we were married. It wouldn't be long before we were blessed with our first child, sweet little Anniston. She is a beautiful, gentle little girl who will make the best sister! We can not wait to watch her fill that role.

On our first date (yes, at 17!) I brought up the idea of adoption to Justin. He was on board, and that was that! Adoption was just always a part of our "plan" for how we would grow our family. We weren't sure what that would look like, or when it would be, but we were open to following where we felt the Lord was leading us. In March of 2014, after Anniston's first birthday, we felt like it was time. We jumped head first into the world of international adoption, and haven't looked back!

Our adoption road has had it's ups and downs, but we are in it for the long haul. A surprise pregnancy and subsequent miscarriage paused things last fall, but we continued pursuing things full force after Christmas. We recently made the difficult decision to change countries from Hong Kong to Colombia. We are very excited and hopeful as we enter into this new phase of our journey!

As a Physical Education teacher and Photographer, it's safe to say that we live on a modest income. Although we have the necessary resources to care for additional family members, the price of international adoption is steep- much too steep for us to cover alone. We believe that God has called us to adoption at this stage in our life, and we are trusting Him to provide the funds necessary to bring this child home. Switching countries has also added significant fees for us, as our in-country stay will be one month (compared to our original plan of one week in Hong Kong). It is so hard and humbling for us to ask for help, but we feel a peace about letting go of control of the situation and placing it in His hands.

We are so thankful to each of you who support Swell Forever, not just this month but every month! If you want to follow us on social media, you can find us here:



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