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An Adoption Wish: Sean & Katie

An Adoption Wish: Sean & Katie

Swell Adoption Fund: August 2015

We are Sean and Katie. We would like to thank you for taking the time to read our story, and share a little bit about ourselves.

We have been together for over 13 years and married for 5. We have always wanted a family because we love each other so much, and have so much love to give. About 4 years ago we started our journey into trying to start a family.

We had always known we would adopt and have children. We started looking into adoption while trying to get pregnant on our own. We were so intimidated by the process and decided to pursue that in the future. Well sometimes life throws you curve balls! We soon learned that we had some major fertility issues. We decided to try some fertility treatments, after tons of heartache, a few miscarriages, lots of trips to the hospital, we knew our path should be adoption.

With a renewed attitude we decided to tackle the adoption process head on! We did so much research and talked to so many people and found an agency we thought was perfect for us. We knew people who had built their families through this agency, we were overjoyed when we finally got accepted into their program! Shortly after our acceptance we were thrilled to get the call that a baby girl was waiting for us!!

Unfortunately, this was our first failed adoption. To say we were heartbroken was an understatement. We eventually got another call from our agency, this time to tell us that they were closing and that we would be taking a huge financial hit as they were unable to refund any money spent up to that point. This was devastating.

We then decided to just keep our profile out with some local attorneys and try pursuing private adoption. We went through two separate situations that never panned out for us. We knew we couldn't give up and that we needed to find another agency. We had so much love and support from our family and friends and giving up was not an option.

We eventually found a new agency and were so cautious to get very excited about anything. That flew out the window about 4 months after we were accepted into the program. We got a call that a birth mother wanted to speak with us!!! We know there are no guarantees in adoption, but since that day in June we have spoken to our birth mother every day and have developed an amazing relationship with her!

With luck, love, joy, and hope, we can say we are planning on bringing a beautiful baby girl home in October!

Thank you again for taking the time to read our story! There is so much more we would love to tell you. We can't wait to see where the next part of this journey goes.

Love and Thanks!
Katie and Sean


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