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Shout Your Adoption: The Carpenters

Shout Your Adoption: The Carpenters

Swell Adoption Fund: September 2015 

We are so excited to feature another small business mama as our Adoption Fund Recipient this month.

You HAVE to check out the beautiful children's apparel company Lila & G designed by Lauren Carpenter. Lauren and her family share their passion for adoption and a little peak into their family in her blog entry below! Enjoy! It has been a LONG wait as they hope to build their family through adoption.

I wanted to use this blog to share a little bit more about my family and our passion.

Barry and I met for the first time almost 12 years ago at our church youth group. I was singing in the worship band, and Barry was the new kid in town. Since then, we have walked through college, 7 years of marriage, and the birth of 2 children together - wow!

God has blessed us with Gwyneth and Gideon. They have brought so much joy to our lives (and cute pictures to our instagram feeds!), but even before we were married, we hoped to one day be able to add to our family through adoption.  To us, adoption is such a beautiful picture of the way God loves his children, and we were both called to take care of orphans by bringing them in to our home and loving them as our very own.

Just over a year ago, we decided to take a step in faith and apply for a domestic adoption through Bethany Christian Services. For those of you that don't know, that means we will be adopting a child from our home state of Tennessee. Working with Bethany also means that the birth mother of our child will get counseling, support, and even financial help from Christians who love and care for her. What a blessing! 

The wait has been long, and many children that we have wanted have gone to other families or stayed with their current families. There is one thing we are confident in, though...that before the foundation of the world, God knew exactly who our children would be, he knew that he would bless us with two beautiful babies from birth, and he knew who our precious baby's birth parents would be, and how that child would come to our family. I cannot wait to share with you how that happens!


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