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Adopting Again: John & Caroline's Story

Adopting Again: John & Caroline's Story

Swell Adoption Fund: November 2015

We are John and Caroline, and this is our story.

We met during our sophomore year of college and we knew very quickly that we would eventually get married. Three years later, we did just that and while we were excited at the idea of one day having a baby, we knew that we wanted to wait a few years to ensure that our marriage had a solid foundation.

In October 2008, we decided that we were ready to expand our family, however it didn’t quite work as planned. After a year of trying, we were referred to a fertility specialist and told that our only option for a biological child would be through IVF. While that was not the news we were hoping for, we were hopeful that IVF would work for us and we would be able to build our family.

Four years and four failed IVF cycles later, we decided that we didn’t care if we had a child that was genetically linked to us or not, we just wanted to be parents, so we decided to stop all fertility treatments and move on to adoption. We completed our home study in December 2013 and our adoption profile became active January 2014. In February 2014, we received an email from a social worker with our agency asking if we would be okay with our profile being shown to the birth parents of a five month old baby girl. We said yes and the social worker told us that the birth parents would be choosing a family the following day.

When we didn’t hear anything back from the social worker, we assumed that another family had been chosen. While we were sad that we weren’t chosen, we were excited for the family that was chosen and hopeful that we would be chosen by a birth family soon. The next day, we were both at work and got a phone call from our agency to inform us that the birth parents had actually chosen us and we needed to travel that night in order to meet them and our baby girl the next day.

There are no words to explain the emotions we went through during the following 24 hours. We will never forget how we felt the first time we met our daughter and her birth parents.

From the moment she was placed in our arms, it was like she had always been a part of our family. We were able to spend several hours with our daughter’s birth parents while we waited for permission to travel home, and during this time we really got to see how all of the pieces fell into place for this sweet little girl to become our daughter. She was always meant to be ours.

Our daughter’s birth parents have given us such a gift and our daughter will always know who her birth parents are and how much they love her. We had such a wonderful experience with our first adoption and knew from the moment we got home with our daughter, that we would adopt at least one more child at some point.

We are now ready for our second child and we can’t wait to go through the adoption experience again. Thank you so much for allowing us to share our story with you!

Love, John and Caroline

Note from Swell Forever:

People often find it much harder to fund future adoptions after a successful first placement. The cost of IVF combined with the costs of completing the initial adoption means that John and Caroline have had to spend a not so small fortune to build their beautiful family. If you would like to help them as they pursue the addition of a new sibling for their little girl, please check out their crowd funding link here.


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