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All We Want For Christmas

All We Want For Christmas

Swell Adoption Fund: December 2015 

Hello, we are Brad & Kendra and we’re dreaming of a NOISY Christmas!

The paperwork is in, the nursery is put together and now all we need is a baby to join our home. We could get a call at any moment saying that we have been chosen by a birth mom or that there is a baby waiting for us so we are hopeful that we could end up with a very noisy Christmas filled with baby cries and laughter.  

We are high school sweethearts who have been together for 12 years and married for 9. We have had a great time traveling and having adventures just the two of us; but after a while we knew that it was time for our adventures to no longer be “just the two of us”. When growing our family didn’t go as planned we skipped any sort of fertility treatments and started straight down the adoption path. It was a relatively easy decision to move into the adoption process for us and there was never a question about if it was the path we wanted to follow. 

Kendra is very much of a planner so she has been making sure that the nursery is all set up and that we would be ready for a baby if we get a last minute placement (our agency has roughly 25% of their placements as last minute which means the mom is either in labor or the baby has just been born). A couple weekends ago we even practiced installing the car seat so we aren’t fumbling to put it in the car on the way to the hospital. Being a planner also has it’s downsides as she looks through all the adorable clothing at the local thrift store not knowing which season or gender to buy; let’s just say there are a lot of green sleep-n-plays and onesies in the dresser because sometimes you need to buy that item just to feel like the process is moving forward.

Every time there has been a slight hiccup in the process or we started to worry, God has had an answer. From reading the perfect blog post that day, to having Kendra’s work announce a bonding leave just a few days after we booked our 2-day training with our agency to begin the process. Each time this has happened, it has been great validation that adoption is the path we should be on.

While we are hopeful that we could have a baby with us this Christmas we also know that God’s timing is perfect and that our baby will arrive at just the right time; but really,

All we want for Christmas is youuuuuuu.

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