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Help Needed! Send a Card.

Help Needed! Send a Card.

A Teen Boy Needs Your Love 

What better opportunity than the chance to add a little sprinkle of kindness to someone's life. We have learned of a seventeen year old teen boy who has recently entered foster care with one of our Foster Swell Fund families. He was supposed to stay just for Thanksgiving so he would not be alone for the holiday but none of his family showed up for his case meeting to represent him. He has for all intensive purposes been abandoned to the system. What was supposed to be a one week stay while his situation got sorted out has turned into a three week stay with no end in sight as of yet.

This young man has no family to claim him, has no education, has been neglected and is now facing Christmas with a family he barely knows, not knowing what his next steps are. He came to this family with no belongings of any kind. Not even a book bag. 

As part of our Foster Swell Fund, we will be taking care of his basic needs and ensure he has a Merry Christmas perhaps for the first time ever; however we want to do more. 

Help us foster more goodwill for a boy who needs to know he matters and people do care for him. He has not been abandoned by the world. He is important and has value.

Will you take a few minutes and write him a Christmas card? It doesn't have to be fancy or even have a holiday theme. Just send him encouragement and wish him well. Sometimes it is hard to write someone you don't know and we cannot share his name, but I assure you it will go a long way in showing him that he matters.

All mail needs to be received by Monday, December 21st and can be mailed to:

Foster Swell Fund
c/o Swell Forever
425 Johnson Ferry RD NE
Atlanta, GA 30328

If you have been looking for your chance to pass the brightness of this holiday season to another, please consider doing this simple task.


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  • Hi-I would like to send a card for this young fellow. Can you provide first name only?
    Thank you

    Melanie Tipton

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