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Swell Adoption Fund Families: Where Are They Now?

Swell Adoption Fund Families: Where Are They Now?

I just want to say a HUGE thank you to our customers.

You have helped make not only our family's dreams come to fruition but also helped us bring together so many beautiful families and fill so many aching hearts this past year! Here are a few updates from the families that received our adoption grants in 2015.

While our grants started out super tiny (our first was $100), we have donated well over $12,000 to adoptive families and foster children. I remember the months when I was desperate to be able to pull together enough funds just to send a check over $100. I cannot wait to see what we do in 2016.

Katie & Sean

Luella June Grace Sanchez was born October 12th. This has been the most amazing experience of our lives!


The Carpenters

Our adoption process is still halted. We have had 3 potential matches, but 2 of those mothers decided to parent. We are still open to other ages besides newborn and are praying the right mother will come soon. Either way, we are trusting God in the waiting, and we are thankful we have come this far in the process and have had so many people bless us with their prayers and donations!

Note: Their church also matched the funds donated by Swell Forever, furthering our impact.


David & Kristen

Micah who was born with profound special needs is doing great and also shares a home with two adopted brothers who have Down Syndrome! We will be going for a sedated ABR test to see what level his hearing loss is at. He is starting to walk despite his initial challenges! Thank you again for blessing our family.️

At Birth



The Lokker Family

Just waiting eagerly for that precious phone call! Our hearts continue to grow in love and deep desire for our precious child and his/her birth family! We are so so grateful for you! Thanks for all you do!


Caroline + Keith

We have so enjoyed sharing fall with our sweet little Jane. She is growing so fast and we wish that she would slow down! Her smile is absolutely perfect and so contagious. We have been working through post-placement visits and hope to finalize soon. It has been wonderful to introduce her to all of her extended family and we cannot wait to spend the holidays together. We're looking forward to sharing in family traditions and spending some extra time together throughout the holiday season. 


The Malones

We have been matched with a beautiful 3 year old little girl internationally. We hope to travel to her by this Summer! We are still so grateful for all the help we received from you. We cannot share her photo publicly. :)


We have several more families who are hoping to send an update when they get matched soon! One of our first families is attempting their third adoption, second international special needs adoption. And another of our families brought home a beautiful little girl from China with special needs and has undergone medical treatment in the states since arriving. Check back in when we do our next update this summer!


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