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The Call to Adopt: The M Family

The Call to Adopt: The M Family

Swell Adoption Fund: February 2016

Hello! We are Charlie, Jenny, and Noah. We are on an adventure to grow our family.

Our story begins just over 8 years ago. Thanks to a bowling alley, a birthday party, and God’s plan for our lives, it was love at second sight for us! We quickly started dating and knew within 3 days that we were meant to be. We should have gotten married that weekend, but we did the traditional, dating, engagement and wedding planning all within 9 months and 1 day!

Jenny’s fertility problems were diagnosed long before marriage and we went into our life together knowing that pregnancy would be difficult and unlikely. After 17 months of marriage, lots of prayer and tears, and some help from our doctor, we were blessed with the pregnancy of our son Noah. Nothing about this pregnancy makes sense medically and looking back, we have no doubts that Noah was a gift from God. He is everything we hoped for in a child. Noah is thoughtful, quiet, sweet, and happy, with a love for Hot Wheels and Legos.

After Noah joined our family, we hoped for another miracle and that Jenny’s fertility issues weren’t as bad as predicted. We sought out help and more treatments, but were met with more tears and heartbreak. After 3 years and lots of prayers, we felt God closing the door to pregnancy and quickly saw Him opening the door to adoption.

God moved quickly and clearly, guiding our path and our hearts. Last summer we began the paperwork to grow our family through adoption and by Thanksgiving we were officially a waiting family! Our nursery is mostly complete and all 3 of us are anxiously and (im)patiently waiting for the call for the child that God has chosen for our family. The wait for this child has been exciting! Knowing that we are in God’s will for our family makes the waiting slightly easier.

Looking back at the past 8 years, it’s easy to see how God used that heartbreak and trial to grow each of us and draw us closer to Him. The journey was long and hard, but clearly God used it for His glory and we can’t wait to see what he has in store for our family! We have a heart for open adoption and are looking forward to the work God is doing. Please join us in prayer as we wait on God.

We don’t know if the baby is growing yet, what the birth parents are going through right now or if they have even met. But we do know that God has plans for everyone involved and He is orchestrating everything in His time. We can’t wait to see what He is doing and to meet our baby soon!


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