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Adopting Again: The Bentons

Adopting Again: The Bentons

Swell Adoption Fund: March 2016

Antonio is a medical technician and was pseudo adopted himself as several loving families took him in as a youth and allowed him to see a different side of life.

A side vastly different than the extreme poverty and drugs that gripped the life of his family.  God used these families to show him love and stability in spite of their differences in race and background.

Crissy is a teacher who has a love for children and helping others. Adoption runs in her blood, as her grandmother and mother took in several people throughout the years who needed an opportunity to press the "reset" button of life.  Her mother, a retired teacher, took in many students, family and friends who needed a place of refuge.

Antonio and Crissy have 3 children.  Two sons that they call belly babes and an adopted daughter that grew in their hearts.  They are excited to add to their family, again, through the journey and gift of adoption.

Here is their take: Adoption is a journey of surrender.  

We surrender our will, way, thoughts and timing and take on His; He breaks us and makes us more like HIM so that His glory can be seen in our story.

Some come to adoption to expand their family, others to make a difference in the world, nevertheless,  I come to adoption out of a heart of obedience to God. Adoption is my calling; at the age of 5, I felt God speak this to me and it has lead me every day until this time. 

I always tell people that adoption never sleeps.  I literally eat, breathe and sleep it 24 hours a day.  God has graced me to be able to minister to and encourage those who are going through the process, to guide and pray for our daughter's birth mom as she proceeds in her life's endeavors, and to muster up the strength to walk a second adoption journey of our own.

Adoption is not easy and it is not cheap.  Neither was our redemption, for it was bought with a price- the blood of Jesus.  Sometimes this journey, full of uncertainty and loss, surely feels like a cat of nine tails striking against your heart.  But in our brokenness, there is beauty.  We are beautifully broken before a perfect God who seeks to mend all of our broken pieces.  We all come to adoption broken- adoptive families, birth families, and the adoptees. We all need the grace of God as we pursue this avenue of change.  

Growing together through the journey of adoption is a beautiful exchange.  Adoption is the heart of God.

As this is The Benton's second adoption, they have set up a GoFundMe page if you would like to contribute and learn more about their heart for adoption.


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