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Bringing Home Baby From India

Bringing Home Baby From India

Swell Adoption Fund: September 2016

A Special Needs Adoption in India

Ms. Caroline Seeberger is excited to share the story of her journey to become a new mom through special needs adoption in India.

I have invested a great deal of time considering why I would like to be the mother of a special needs child. My decision to adopt came from an overwhelming desire to provide a loving family for a child who has lost his/her parents and is in need of this opportunity.  I feel very drawn to Indian culture and the heritage my child will celebrate.

I have much love, and an extended support system to make a difference in the life of an Indian child. I have considered the challenges of adopting a child who is different from me in race and ethnicity and will require specific medical care. I believe that though there may be challenges, the rewards for the child and for my family will outweigh the difficulties.


Since receiving and accepting my referral for a HIV positive little girl, I am beyond ecstatic and committed to bringing her home and providing her with the best medical care possible.  In my joy of receiving her referral, I can best describe her to you as round like a cherub, beautiful skin like a cocoa bean and a smile like a Lalita goddess that will melt your heart.


Despite the joy of the recent referral, my adoption journey prior to this moment in time has been long and financially challenging. I had begun with adoption process with my application into the Marshall Islands program in December 2014.

Unfortunately this program has endured its challenges and has caused the wait for referral to extend much longer than originally anticipated. With this longer wait the requirements for updated home studies and clearance paperwork has increased my overall adoption cost.

Early February the team at CHLSS recommended I switch programs from the Marshall Islands to India. This switch in country program required a giant leap of faith, in addition to the added costs for USCIS paperwork and revising my non-Hague home study to a Hague home study. All in all, the leap of faith was definitely worth it!



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