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Swell Adoption Fund: Truly A Dream Come True

Swell Adoption Fund: Truly A Dream Come True

Amanda Hatcher shares her story about her and her husband's adoption journey, they began when they both had a similar dream about their future son.

Our adoption story begins with a dream - Literally.

Three years ago Joe was in El Paso, TX preparing to deploy with the Army National Guard. I went with our year and a half old son, Caleb, (we’re from West Virginia) to visit him for a few days before he left for Afghanistan. One morning I woke up and told Joe I had a really vivid dream we had another little boy, one with chocolate colored skin, about 3-5 years old, and a big smile. Surprisingly, Joe told me he had the same dream that night too. We’d always talked about fostering or adopting at some point in our lives-I was adopted as an older child from foster care when I was 15, and Joe had relatives who were adopted-but we always talked about that being in the distant future because we wanted to focus on raising biological children first.

Joe returned after 12 months overseas, and about a year after he’d come home, we were fortunate to become pregnant with our daughter, Hannah. We still talked about adoption, and occasionally Joe looked up local children that needed homes. We were certain God gave us the dream (although Joe confessed he didn’t remember), but we weren’t certain when, where, or who was meant for us.

One of my best friends from high school, Tiffany, adopted a seven year old boy with special needs from Colombia the beginning of 2015. She told me about meeting-by chance-her son’s foster brother while she was there. She said the two boys had been together since they were both babies, and had been moved through different foster homes together. She inquired about the foster brother (who also has special needs) and found out there had been a mix up in his paperwork, and he had never been available for adoption his whole life. Though a single mother, Tiffany decided she would return and adopt this boy as well.

Over the following year Tiffany and I lost touch. Back in April we started chatting through messenger one night to catch up. She shared with me that she’d decided not to go forward with the second adoption. She said she and her son, Elias, recently returned from visiting the foster brother in Colombia, and she realized her limitations as a single mom, and didn’t feel she would be able to care for two special needs boys. She said she was determined to find him a home in the U.S. so the boys could stay close.

She’d shared a photo of him with me the previous year, after she brought Elias home, and I’d been surprised to find he wasn’t hispanic, but looked more African (she said he’s classified as Afro-Colombian). So when she shared her news with me-I talked to Joe, about the possibility of adopting this boy. I told him I knew he didn’t remember his dream from three years ago, but when he told me his dream that morning, he had told me the boy in his dream was Tiffany’s boy and she couldn’t keep him so we took him. At the time, I thought it was a random part of his dream-I never even considered it might be a very significant detail.

In April, after a lot of prayer, we started the process to adopt this special boy from Colombia. We’ve had a lot of amazing things happen since our process has started, and we know God’s hand is over it all. Thank you for reading our story!


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