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Because of Hope: Ava's Adoption

Because of Hope: Ava's Adoption

Swell Adoption Fund: June 2016

Meet Ava, a Newly Adopted Beauty from China.

Once upon a time, our little family of four doubled when we added four more. They changed everything about how we look at love, hope, and family. It didn't have to make sense because many of life's greatest blessings never do. Had we given in to fear and doubt, we would have missed out on so much. God's plans are always better.

Then there was our son. We saw his face in April of 2015 and knew right away that he was ours. But his untreated heart and lungs were so very sick and we didn't have long to get to him. Would we make it in time? It seemed impossible. Paperwork and money, process and procedure. But four months later, mountains were moved and he was on his way home. Only God. He loved being home. He was so happy to finally have his very own family. And we were so thankful to finally have him. What we always feared but didn't know for certain then was that had he not come home when he did, he wouldn't have come home at all.  A few days later, sudden fainting brought us to the hospital where he spent most of the next six months, fighting for his life.

He wasn't supposed to survive, but he did and he is home now and so very loved, all because of hope.

Our son's story was once one of loneliness and hopelessness. But it is now full of so much love, faith, commitment, and community. Hope did that. Some wonder why we would ever choose this. But we would do it all over again, because our yes changed our son's life and it has changed ours. Once you choose hope, anything is possible.

And then there was Ava. Yes was easy. A thousand times, yes. Why? Hope is why. No matter where you are, there is always hope. For four, that was hope in a care center in rural Ethiopia. For one, it was hope in an orphanage in eastern China. For Ava, it was hope in a hospice home because she shouldn't be alive. But she is.

Because hope.

So we did it again. Because her life mattered right now. Because there is no room for fear in love. Because it doesn't have to make sense. Because God's plans are always better and they never fit into neat little convenient boxes. Because stepping out in faith is always worth it. Because every heart matters and there is no heart too broken. Because yes can change a life. Because it changed ours and it changed theirs and we know that it will change hers.

We ran to her. Because she was worth fighting for and she deserved to have her very own family fighting alongside of her.

And now she has exactly that, all because we chose to believe in hope. Ava has very complex congenital heart disease and multiple other health issues. So many families said, "no, too much". But our precious girl doesn't scare us. She is smart and funny and beautiful and so very worth it all. And whatever her life looks like? It will always have hope.

Because love recognizes no barriers. It jumps hurdles, leaps fences, and penetrates walls to arrive at its destination full of hope. ~ Maya Angelou

The S family wrote this while returning from picking up their daughter in China just this past month. We hope to help them fund this amazing adoption and cover the many expenses involved in travel, paperwork and medical care for Ava.


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