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Foster Swell: 2016 Wrap Up Part 1

Foster Swell: 2016 Wrap Up Part 1

Swell Adoption Fund: 2016 Wrap Up: Part 1

As 2016 comes to a close, we are celebrating the creation and success of Foster Swell this year. Since the launch of Foster Swell in June, we have been able to award grants to 16 families going through the process of expanding their family through adoption! Below is a beautiful collection of some of the deserving families who have received grants this year.

Brian + Paula

Brian and Paula have two biological children, Shane 19 and Sarah 13. They wanted more children, but due to medical reasons, were not able to have any more children. 

"Brian and I are currently adopting a little boy who is a dwarf like us from China. We feel we could provide him with everything he needs. Lief is 5 years old and was abandoned in a park in China. He may need surgery for hydrocephalus, we don't know for sure. Since Brian, the kids and I also have dwarfism and feel we can help him to get the medical care he needs as well as the love he deserves with a family to love on him."

Jeremy + Jacinta

After many years of trying to have a baby and a diagnosis of unexplained fertility, Jacinta and Jeremy decided to move forward with they dream to adopt. While the process was long and emotional, their dream was finally realized with the adoption of a newborn baby boy in March.

 "We finally got the call we had been waiting for. Sarah, a high school senior, wanted to meet with us. That day changed our lives.

 Our baby boy was born at 4:27pm, Wednesday, March 30th.   He entered this world completely perfect, and we were blessed with the best birthmother, who allowed us to experience the entire birth.  Our son is now 6 months old, and our finalization court date is quickly approaching. While our journey to this point in our process was long and often painful, we wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world. We ended up getting the best opportunity to raise the best little boy in the entire world! And not only did we gain a son, we gained an entire extended family! We meet with our birthmother and her family once a month, and text at least once a week. We love our unique family created from so much unconditional love!"

Christina + John


After being inspired by a friend's adoption journey, Christina and John decided to follow in their footsteps. After looking on an adoption website to identify children to specifically pray for, Christina and John fell in love with one child in particular and felt moved by God to make her part of their family.

"For our whole marriage, we had been advocates for adoption and foster care. We believe strongly that the Bible instructs us to care for the needs of the widow and the orphan.  We decided to make it a family project and pray and advocate for waiting special needs children ourselves.

 Immediately, the family felt drawn to this little girl.  It seemed impossible, because international adoption is expensive and complicated…but God continued to tug on our hearts. We asked Him for a sign. We kept our eyes peeled to see “Sylvia” somewhere but we didn’t.  Finally, we were about to just let it go when an email from the adoption agency said this: “Yes, her name is Sylvia but she goes by Sissy.”

 You see, Sissy is Chris’ nickname.  Her sister, brother in law, nieces and nephews all call her Sissy. It was decided right then and there.  This was our daughter. We are so excited to see God move in this little girl’s life and to be the family she deserves."


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