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Foster Swell: 2016 Wrap Up Part 2

Foster Swell: 2016 Wrap Up Part 2

Swell Adoption Fund: 2016 Wrap Up: Part 2

We are continuing to highlight some of the beautiful and deserving families who have received grants this year.


Melissa has been fostering her daughter since she was 3 days old.

"With 45 minutes notice I brought home a beautiful 5lb 5oz angel who was nameless and born positive for cocaine. After 15 months of no contact from any of her birth family the court finally moved to terminate parental rights and allow me to adopt her. My home has been approved to adopt and we are just waiting on the process to finish terminating parental rights.
I fell in love with a beautiful little girl who took over my home, my life, and stole my heart. I found out when I was 19 that I could not biologically have children, but I knew I would figure it out. The day I met my daughter my heart was home and my sweetest of dreams came true. I can't imagine life before her and life after her will never be the same."

Caitlyn + Brett

 We have always known that we wanted to adopt but didn't expect it to happen so soon in our lives. God has a great sense of humor though. Over summer 2015 we decided to participate in an orphan hosting program and hosted an 8-year-old boy from Ukraine. We fell in love, but the family who was hosting his older brother decided to pursue the adoption of both boys. Our host son made a lasting impact on our lives however and opened our hearts to the world of orphan care.

That winter, we decided to host again, by hosting two siblings from a sibling set of four. "We're just hosting," we said. "We can't adopt four kids!" Yet again, we fell in love, and this time we knew for certain these were our kids. Friends and family members thought we were crazy, as we have no children yet and to go from zero to four kids is a major lifestyle change. So we decided to host them again over summer 2016, bringing the oldest three siblings into our home for two and a half months. Every single day something would happen, some small reassurance or feeling, that we knew these were our children and this was meant to be. By the end of the summer there was no doubt in our mind - soon, we would be parents to four children from Ukraine. It's hard to explain the feeling, but having actually met the children whose adoption we are pursuing, we have this amazing connection that is indescribable but incredibly reassuring at the same time. They are our kiddos, and all we have to do now is bring them home. 

Stacey + Matthew

We have always felt called to adopt, we are just being obedient to make the Gospel tangible to others and live out James 1:27. God already gave us a special child with our son, so He equipped up to bring another special child into the family.

We are adopting a 5 year old girl from China who has Down Syndrome.  

Our home study is final and we will be applying for the 1800A application and sending our dossier to China.  

Tracy + John

We are Tracy and John, and we are adopting an older, special needs child from Bulgaria!


Before I met my husband, I had already decided that adoption was part of my future family plans. When I met my now husband, we talked about family, and he was in agreement that we would adopt as well as (hopefully) have our own biological kids.

It soon became apparent that we would not have much success with having our own babies without spending a great deal of money, and enduring more and more invasive fertility treatments. We mourned the loss of a biological family, but were still very much committed to building our family through adoption! 

For about a year, I had been a member of a couple of private group pages for families interested in adoption, from Bulgaria and other Eastern European countries. Last July, a member posted information for a then 9-year-old special needs girl living an orphanage in a small village. We had previously lost the opportunity to begin a dossier for a 3-year-old boy from Poland, after the family who had originally declined his referral decided they wanted him once they knew another family was interested.   This little girl also had a lot of interest, so we were extremely happy when we received word that we were the first family to commit to her!

We are now in the home stretch of our adoption. This will be our first (and possibly only) child, and we are so very happy and feel fortunate to have found her! We went on trip one in July, and she is a wonderful child. She shares many personality traits similar to ours as well as having cute dimples (we both also have dimples)! 

Jenni + Eric

Hi! We are Eric and Jenni, from Ohio have been married for 20 years and in that time we have been blessed with 5 wonderful children. Emilia is our oldest and she asked for siblings for 6 years until Jakob arrived.  In 2012, we welcomed Kofi and Joy from Ghana and they are thriving in our family. Eve was adopted in 2013 and she is the most joyful child full of determination. Eve has cerebral palsy and she is deaf, but none of that defines who she is. Once we were used to the medical world, therapies and wheelchairs, our hearts were open for more children with medical needs. We just waited until we found him or her.

We learned about Josie as she had been waiting for a family for 18 long months. Words like paralysis and cancer can be scary, but we felt that no child should go through something like that alone. We knew that she would be the perfect little sister in our family. We spent time learning about spinal and brain tumors, chemotherapy and what the future might hold for her. We are already used to wheelchairs so that was not a concern.

Because of her medical condition, Josie  needs to come here for medical care urgently. We have the means to take care of her in our family, but we need to raise the necessary funds to pay for the adoption fees and travel. We are so thankful that there are people who want to learn more about our story and join us in our journey to Josie.


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