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Foster Swell Fund for Kids in Care

Foster Swell Fund for Kids in Care

We have always looked for ways to support the fostering community.

Obviously not everyone is equipped or able to be a foster parent; however, we believe that everyone can contribute to the well being and growth of children who are living in foster care. As part of our ongoing outreach to help children and families involved in foster care, we have launched the Foster Swell Fund.

Did you know that the stipends provided to foster families are often limited to covering the most basic needs of that child? It also varies from state to state and by ages. For example, in many places, funds are provided that only cover the costs of formula, diapers and perhaps a little extra for clothing.

Some states provide help with baby gear, while others do not. Some provide help with daycare for working mothers but no extra preschool opportunities or learning enhancement activities for children in stay at home parent scenarios. For older youth, funds for school dances, a tuxedo or dress for prom, special athletic camps, etc. are rarely if ever offered.

There is an opportunity for the village that is you and me to step in and provide extra enrichment activities and experiences to children that can help them grow, not only from an academic or development standpoint, but also in terms of their confidence and ability to express themselves in healthy way. 

The following are suggestions for the types of grants that foster families can request for a specific child in foster care.

Parents are welcome to submit something not on the list if they feel as though it might be appropriate and warranted.

Our grants will be $100 or less and dependent on available funds and prioritized by need expressed. We cannot guarantee any grant fulfillment but will do our best to give as many children a chance to experience that "little something special" during their childhood as we can. Currently, our grants are limited to those in the U.S. foster care system.

Before applying, please keep in mind this question "Would the child or family be unable to participate in this activity if the funds we provide were unavailable?"
Our goal is to help make an experience possible for a child who otherwise would not have such an opportunity. For help with birthday parties, please check out our friends at

Suggested Grant Requests:

  • Safety related baby gear such as car seats or cribs take the highest priority.
  • Products for Therapy related to Child Development/Professional Therapies not covered by insurance (horse/equine, physical therapy devices, etc.) PRIORITY
  • Early Learning/Preschool Themed Activities PRIORITY
  • Family Membership Fees to local educational parks such as Zoos, gardens, activity centers, pools, etc.
  • Dance Lessons of any kind for ages 12mos+ (can be quarterly installment, private if necessary, or a one-time camp) 
  • Music Lessons of any kind or instrument rental (can be series, monthly, or private if necessary)
  • Sports Enrollment of any kind/Sports Equipment (can also be for special camps or tournament tours)
  • Arts + Drama (series of classes, therapeutic art supplies, drama lessons, etc.)
  • Social Experiences for youth such as registration fees for dances, camps, prom expenses, etc.
  • We are no longer able to assist in the costs related to special family trips due to the high volume of requests for basic needs to be met.

Basic Rules:

  • Currently we offer grants up to $100 per foster child per half year. Please reapply for additional grants in the following half of the year if applicable or needed.
  • If you have a grant request greater than $100, we will consider reimbursing up to $100 if the family is able to pay the remaining amount.
  • In a majority of circumstances, we will approve a grant request and coordinate to pay through an organization or individual providing the service. If an item is requested, we may choose to purchase the item and have it shipped directly. 
  • Feel free to email the organization Foster Swell Inc where our funds are donated once completing a grant request so they will know it is in the queue (
  • We do our best to pay out grants that are the highest priority need and do not forget other requests in our system. Please be aware of the potential to take several weeks to process and review.

Apply for a Foster Swell Grant

Note: We understand that children in foster care can be moved immediately and without warning. We do not expect reimbursement for grants due to a child being removed from a home. If possible, we strongly encourage families to seek a reimbursement and utilize the funds for other relevant expenses.

Want to help fulfill a grant request? You can do so here.


  • My babies are going to be adopted I have 3 2 year olds and a 7. I need to build on. Would you know anyone that could help or a fundraiser I could do? Thanks for your time

    Lisa Hooks
  • I am looking for an organization that could help me with transportation I have 3 foster children who each have several appointments with counseling and visits with their mother, any help would be deeply appreciated

    Connie Doran
  • Hi G’morning

    Yulma Arellano
  • Here is what I need. I need a bit of money to help get started. We need to purchase beds and although I won’t know exactly what I need until we get our first placement, I know we have a great need in the area for beginning set up fees, if you will. I was trying to figure out how to help others in this process and maybe this is something we can work together on. Here, we get paid retroactively on the 10th of each month. That means that if we accept a placement shortly after the 10th we won’t get help until the next month. I propose some kind of help so families can get started and then, maybe they can return the favor. That way when I do get paid, I can put some back into the fund. Not sure how it will all work. I’m hoping to connect with a person that may have funds available to help with a larger house so that we can have more foster children, but we shall see how that goes. Thank you!!!

    Angi Wasson

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