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Local Adoption in Atlanta

Local Adoption in Atlanta

Swell Adoption Fund: June 2016

An Atlanta Family Adoption

"There is something so undeniable and irresistibly beautiful about adoption - of opening your arms, your life, and your forever to the ones who are without arms to hold, days to share and the hope of a forever with someone.

The word "adoption" comes from the Latin word adoptio, which means to "choose, wish, or desire" something. Through the interplay of life and language, adoption came to mean to choose or take in as family. The etymology is beautiful. Built into the very word is not only the choosing or selecting we think of when we think of adoption, but there is also the "wish and desire" for something. 

It's beautiful enough to bring someone into your house, give them a place at your table, buy them clothes and help them with their homework. But what our heart really wishes or desires is to give this child our name, to call them son or daughter, to know that we are family through bonds stronger than genetics. Our entire adoption story is bound up in the very word adoptio. 

We anticipate many bumps in the road, just like we have found in the choosing of forever in marriage. But we also know that on the other side of those bumps is the deepest love we will experience in this life. In that love is where we find our true selves, our family, our hope and our peace. So we choose to open our arms to growing a family through adoption, celebrating that we will continue choosing each other for as long as we live."

The C family is adopting locally via infant domestic adoption. They are open to any race or gender. Their desire is to meet the immediate need of their community and be placed with an Atlanta babe.
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