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Our Calling to be a Family For Children Who Have Lost Theirs

Our Calling to be a Family For Children Who Have Lost Theirs

Swell Adoption Fund: September 2016

A Family For Children Who Have Lost Theirs

We are Brian and Amy Shaw of Wauseon, Ohio. We have been blessed to be married more than 19 years. We love the Lord Jesus with all our hearts and are so thankful to have walked many, many years with Him. We each maintain our own walk with Christ on a daily basis, in His Word each morning and praying together as a couple each night. We believe strongly that raising up our children is the highest task God has bestowed upon us and we continually seek to listen to His voice and ask the Spirit to guide us and adjust ourselves accordingly.

We have been blessed with 4 living biological children--Jensi (14 yrs), Anneli (12 yrs), Oliver (9 years) and Darrah Kate (5 years). We have also been entrusted with the blessing of little ones who began their lives in Amy’s womb but then ran ahead to Jesus early: Timothy (Anneli’s twin) at 22 weeks gestation, Hope Carolina at 10 weeks gestation and finally sweet Oskar Brian at 39 weeks gestation. Each of these were dramatic losses in our lives but we have seen God bring beauty for ashes in each circumstance. We would not want to rewrite our story.

Throughout our married life we have always sought to serve God overseas. We each did this before we married, and wanted desperately at times, to do so together. God allowed us to serve two amazing years in China together with our two oldest daughters. The timing of Oskar’s death kept us home from returning to overseas service. From that point, God burdened our hearts for children without families.

We began to see that we were a family who had lost children, and by God’s power, we could be a family for children who had lost theirs. We believe that our experiences overseas have increased our understanding of the plight of orphans. We saw firsthand the poverty and desperate need for these children to be loved and have their hearts trained in the Lord’s ways. We understand that families adopting orphans is not the end solution for the global orphan crisis, but it is what we can do, and how He is empowering us to serve Him. First for Zareb from Uganda (Asperger’s Syndrome), then for Toby from China (diagnosed with Arthrogryposis Multiplex Congenita), then for Esty also from China (who has Spina Bifida, scoliosis, incontinence, hydronephrosis) and then Gable (hepatoblastoma in remission). We are now adopting two more little girls from China! Windsor Grace is 3 and has Cerebral Palsy (Right Hemiplegia) and Schizencephaly and Summerlin who is 20 months old and also has Arthrogryposis like our son Toby.

We trust that when the Lord says to bring them home that He will empower, fund and teach us all we need. We have an amazing support team of church members, friends and family surrounding us. We know that a family is the best place for children to overcome their obstacles and that the love of Jesus is the true healing power.

We believe the greatest thing we can impart to our children is to live a life of following Jesus, completely trusting in Him. We believe this is best modeled and caught, rather than lectured. We live this way and involve our children in praying and rejoicing as God continually meets our daily needs and proves Himself over and over again. What a joy it is to walk as His children, as a family!


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