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Our Heart: Supporting Adoption

Our Heart: Supporting Adoption

We often think in a wealthy country such as ours that there are no orphans.

When we do think about adoption, most of us automatically assume we are speaking of private infant adoption.

While Swell Forever® wants to support all forms of adoption, raising awareness for the 100,000 children in the United States who are waiting in foster care to have a Forever Family is where our heart lies.

These children come from a variety of backgrounds representing all races and ages, even infants. They have dreams and each has something valuable to offer the world.

Some of the most difficult children to place are sibling groups, those with disabilities and behavioral challenges, and older foster youth. There has long been a hesitance associated with adopting out of foster care, but children are simply children and they deserve unconditional love and the security of family just like everyone else.

Yes, some children coming out of foster care can have understandable challenges, but with support services (often provided by the state) and a loving family, they can overcome great obstacles to grow into healthy and well adjusted adults.

However, there are thousands of children that simply face challenges in placement due to status as a sibling group or because families often prefer to adopt infants. Many states provide full financial support for some adoptions out of foster care and in select cases even provide insurance for these children through the age of 18.

Our hope at Swell Forever® is to bring the stories of these children to life, show you the beauty in adopting out of foster care, and raise awareness for the many opportunities each of us has to improve the outcomes for kids, who by no fault of their own, are waiting for a family.  

We believe that they deserve a life full of all things joyful, vibrant + beautiful, the resounding meaning behind our brand.

To learn more about foster care and adoption, we encourage you to visit where you can find out more about the requirements for adoption by each state and also see links to photos of children available for adoption.  

Another resource for learning more about children who are waiting is a service called the Heart Galleries. Numerous states across the U.S. provide brief bios and beautiful photos of the children who would like to call your home their own. 

We have a closed group on Facebook dedicated to Foster and Adoptive Moms, please come join us!

Swell Mamas: Foster Care and Adoption




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