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Sharing the Dream of Adoption

Sharing the Dream of Adoption

Swell Adoption Fund: 2016: Sharing the Dream of Adoption

Melissa and Matt Thomas both knew they wants to adopt before they met each other. Early in their relationship they were excited learn that they shared this dream!
We are so excited to be on this journey! I (Melissa) grew up in the 80’s, the glorious era of Cabbage Patch dolls, and I remember wanting one so badly for Christmas. Everyone around me had a doll that looked like them (hair and eye color, etc.) so I was expecting a blonde haired, blue eyed doll. But, it turns out that they were hard to come by, and for Christmas that year I opened a dark haired, dark skinned doll.
I was instantly in love. I think this is where my passion for adoption started. Knowing that family can be all about the people you choose and the tribe you build - not only through blood. We know that life is precious, and we count it as a big gift to be able to share life with a child. We are excited about loving our little one with all we have, pursuing new adventures together and expanding our definition of family! 

We do have some very special circumstances that have shaped us as a couple.

In 2009, before we met, Matt was in a mountain biking accident, leaving him paralyzed. Having been a professional whitewater kayaker and general outdoorsmen the accident was devastating. And, where most would have probably felt hopeless, Matt chose to never give up. After a long hospital stay, and lots of physical therapy he decided to spend time in Southern California to pursue some intensive exercise based recovery methods. We count it nothing short of a miracle that our paths crossed and we are thankful everyday for our lives together. We were married in 2014 in what we like to think was “the best weekend ever”. Really, how could it not be the best when it involved our family, friends, some killer tacos and all you can eat churros! Amazing!

Here’s what we believe: that relationships matter, laughter is the best medicine, and as a family we choose to “Never Give Up” - both in what we pursue and also those we love. We love our new normals and we are excited to expand our family to include a little one. We’ve learned that life gives us no certainties, but there is always hope and that hope gives way to something beautiful!


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