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Swell Forever Adoption Grants

Swell Forever Adoption Grants

Swell Forever® was created with the goal of raising awareness and providing funds to help improve the chances of waiting children who need to find a Forever Family.

All of our products are designed with a contribution margin in mind to make sure that even before we settle our expenses, your purchase directly contributes to our desire to help more families adopt out of foster care.  

Families are invited to submit their stories and request for grant funding on a rolling basis using the basic form below. Plans to adopt out of foster care are strongly favored; however, we will consider funding adoption of children both domestically and internationally especially in cases where the parent(s) are willing to embrace a child with unique challenges such as medical, behavioral, or emotional issues. 

You do not have to be wealthy, own your own home, or look a certain way to adopt. A majority of the generous families who serve foster youth happen to make very modest incomes. If your heart is open to a child in need of a Forever Home, we don't care whether you live in a mansion, have a fancy car, or stay at home with your kids.  We do have a few rules before providing any funding support to make sure our goals are met.

Requirements for Adoption Funding Support:

  • Must be actively seeking a legal adoption placement with a home study completed or in progress
  • Must be working with a private or public agency/professional that can vouch for your participation in adoption proceedings

Families that can prove a need for financial assistance will have heavier consideration when it comes to determining grant recipients. We cannot guarantee that an applicant will receive any funding.  Our funding cycles and available grants will be based on our sales and subject to ebbs and flows.  Please follow our blog for more information on upcoming funding opportunities and to follow the stories of other families who have received adoption support through Swell Forever. 

Please take a few minutes to apply for a Swell Forever Adoption Grant.  Grant amounts will be a minimum of $150 and will range based on several varying factors. We take your privacy very seriously and will not share your information with others unless granted permission by you. 

Due to popular demand, we are working to fill our current requests, please check back for when we will be accepting new applications.

Complete the Swell Forever Adoption Grant Form


  • Please let us know when you will be receiving grant adoption applications. We are hoping to adopt a 10 year old boy from China. Thank you! Lisa

    Lisa Dresch

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