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The Beautiful Gift of Adoption

The Beautiful Gift of Adoption

Swell Adoption Fund: Fall 2016

The Beautiful Gift of Adoption

Bryan and Rachel Wendel are excited at the opportunity to adopt a second child and grow their family. They share how adoption has been a beautiful gift for their whole family.

With this being our second adoption journey, we do have prior experience with adoption. Although there were many emotions along the way, our adoption journey ended exactly the way we envisioned it. We started our adoption process shortly after finding out we both had fertility issues. We were matched with our first child August 2012. One week prior to the birth, the birth mom decided to parent. We were then matched again March of 2013, again the birth mom decided to parent as well. Our 3rd match came July of 2013, with that one failing soon after the match. As emotional as it was, we knew a child was out there who would be perfect for us and who needed us more than the first three matches.


On December 7, 2013, we received a call stating a baby girl born the night before needed an adoptive family. We had one hour to decide what we were going to do since we would need to be in Florida that night.

During that hour, there was no hesitation. We immediately started making arrangements for our pets and booking flights. That night we had our daughter in our arms and have had her ever since. She is truly one of the most amazing gifts we could ever receive and her birth mom was just as amazing. We cannot wait to hold our second baby in our arms and bring him or her home to their forever family just as we did our first. We love the idea that both of our children will be able to share the blessing of adoption and lean on each other for support.

Our inspiration to build our family through adoption was also emotional, but it was one of the best decisions we could ever make. Bryan grew up knowing he was unable to have children due to his Klienfelter’s syndrome. Shortly after we were married we started fertility treatments. After several failed treatments and a miscarriage, testing was done on Rachel. Results showed a unicornuated uterus. It was determined that even if the fertility treatments would work, it would be considered a high risk pregnancy. The chances of having a successful pregnancy would be low.

Instead of dwelling on this news, we looked at this as an opportunity to share our unconditional love and become adoptive parents. We wanted to be able to bless children with opportunities they may not have had in the situations their birth parents may have been in at the time of birth. Adoption is an amazing gift to not only the adoptive child but their adoptive parents as well. We cannot wait to start our second journey!-


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