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Swell Parties: Simple First Birthday

Swell Parties: Simple First Birthday

Swell Parties

A Simple Playgroup First Birthday

Time seems to escape me these days but I love a good gathering. I am not overly into the details. I am not into impractical parties and stressing over the little stuff. I will leave that to the true master lifestyle bloggers. I am on a budget. I am short on time. Short of energy. 

We love bunnies. They are incorporated into our baby nursery so when I had two hours to myself at 9:30 at night two days before party time, I ran to Michael's and Target and took full advantage of the Easter decor! Hope you enjoy our simple little baby and toddler friendly spread. I price matched the bouncy house at Target and got $30 off. Everyone we know that has one, loves it. It fit perfectly in our living room on a cold day. Best idea EVER! And the best part is celebrating with the beautiful little ones and their mamas who have become a part of our local playgroup!

A few learning points:

  • Cookies are way easier to serve and less messy than cake, plus less expensive!
  • Pretty much anything you need for party decor can be found at Michael's and they always have coupons online (I used a 20% off your entire purchase coupon)
  • Don't be afraid to rearrange your living room and do ridiculous things like putting a bouncy house inside it
  • You can buy 12 packs of mason jars on Amazon and use them for every party you ever have!
  • If you put goodie bags together, try to remember to actually give them out...sigh.




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