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A Little Valentine Play Date

A Little Valentine Play Date

Swell Parties: Toddler Girl Valentine Fun

It is so easy to get caught up in the busy pace of life, especially when you run a business from home and have a toddler running around taking apart everything you try to put back in place. And then there is laundry. I have a lot of it...

There have been many times I have wanted to have a play date or host friends and been overwhelmed by the work involved in cleaning my house and getting ready. The nice thing about having nice friends is that no one really cares how put together your home or your life is as long as you help bring people together.

A lot of times I barely get it together for a party, but sometimes I surprise myself. The challenge is fun. So even though our household was recovering from a stomach bug and I had to get someone to help me clean just to have some cute toddlers over for a small, festive girls event, it was worth it to see all the cute faces having a good time...and watching the start of girl friendships is just the cutest.

We had seven little girls and their moms in total and I made two stops to get ready. One to Marshalls / HomeGoods and one to the Whole Foods next door. If we are going to go all sweets, I want it to at least be free of most the artificial crap!



Our party food was super simple:

  • Mini cupcakes from Whole Foods with added candy on top for color
  • Colorful muffin inserts with Whole Foods' version of Teddy Grahams
  • A tin of lemon filled cookie straws
  • A few organic juice boxes for the babes
  • My mason jar collection with heart straws and a few bottles of sparkling lemonade

Since kids are happy to just to play, the only activity we had was some watercolors and paper at the kids table and lots of toy time. 

For a take home treat, we had a tiny candy bar:

  • Colorful Valentines candies from Home Goods

  • A set of Valentine's Day themed cellophane wrappers, ribbons and cards 

For the main event, each mom was provided with the names of the other children attending so that they could bring Valentines.

This meant I needed somewhere for those little letters to go! I first started picking out cute Valentines gift bags in mini sizes for each girl and then discovered these little boxes with handles for $1.99 each as a reusable take home for the toddlers to carry. They were short one so my kiddo just had a cute bag!

And that's it. No crazy crafts. No cooking required. Just great memories.

Filling your children's early lives with warm and happy memories is so important. Those are the moments they reflect back on in times of crisis and self doubt. And that is what makes throwing parties so swell. And so worth it.



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