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Motherhood is Complex

Motherhood is Complex

"Motherhood is near to divinity. It is the highest, holiest service to be assumed by mankind."

This Mother's Day will be my first with a baby in my arms. May 2010 could have been my first, but it did not turn out that way. Motherhood is complex. It can make or break your heart.

While working on our first Pinterest "Pin it to win it" campaign, we created a board called Swell Mama. The myriad of pins, articles and sentiments related to moms is astounding. All of them offering a glimpse into the many facets of this joyful but sometimes heart-wrenching place called motherhood.

For some, motherhood is a place of happiness and occasional chaos. It may have even been entered into with minimal effort or by accident. For others, it is a place of loss and the ever-present feeling of something missing. For another group, it feels like a club they just cannot access through no fault of their own. It awakens persistent feelings of being not good enough or being left out. Something is "wrong" with them so they cannot enter this beautiful place they long for. And even another group experiences motherhood as making the ultimate sacrifice, giving up a child they cannot adequately care for and feel compelled to surrender.

The facets go on. Motherhood encompasses those who are passing on the torch of daily childcare to another generation. It encompasses aunts and mentors who fill the void when a mother is lost before her time to go. Some of us marry into a family and gain another mother; sometimes good, sometimes bad. 

Motherhood is complex. Some embrace it. Some fear it. Some don't know what precious gift they really have. Some take it for granted and some get on their knees every night thanking the heavens they have this chance to love someone from their own womb or another's for all time.

Whatever facet of motherhood you represent, what matters is what is in your heart. If your heart yearns to love another as a mother does, why by all means, you are a mother. Don't let anyone tell your sweet heart otherwise. The world simply needs more of this special, irreplaceable, kind of love.


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