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For Isla: A Letter

For Isla: A Letter

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A Swell Mama's Birthday Wish

For my daughter's first birthday I wanted to write a little sweet something for her. First birthdays are a truly unique milestone, but alas a milestone in which they have no real clue the significance. I hear people say it is all about the parents really. So in celebration of this tiny life that entered my world a year ago today, I want to take advantage of perhaps the only birthday that will be as much about my motherhood as her babyhood. Since she cannot make a wish for herself as the candles flicker out, I will just have to take over the important deed.

For Isla. 

I wish you love.
For yourself.
For others.
From yourself.
And From Others.

I wish you the strength to own your path.

I wish you the confidence to dance, to celebrate, and shout joy when no one is watching and when everyone is staring. Just because. And always because you find reasons to proclaim the happiness of simply living. Being you.

I wish you to be the kind of girl that is a wonderful friend and confidant.

I wish this because I know the people who are the best of friends to others, will be bested right back. And you deserve best friends. You will need the best of friends. As much as I wish to spare you from pain, I can't. Life can be tough, but my wish is you find a way to kick tough's booty and show him who is boss.

I wish all the little people and big people who meet you along your path to see the beautiful, heaven sent special girl that I see every day. I wish them to give you the benefit of the doubt when they doubt you. I wish them to cover you in kindness when your heart hurts. I wish them to accept your sweet quirks as just the unique little byproducts of being precious you. 

I wish. I know...you will be the girl that lifts others up when they are down.

I wish you allies to retort back if others call you names. I wish you to always have defenders and be ready to defend the brokenhearted, the lost, the weary, the hurt. I wish you to know what it feels like to be a champion for those who need one.

I wish you so very badly to know your worth. You are worthy.

You are not entitled to the good things in life, but you are worthy of them. I wish you to strive for the good...your own good and the greater good. 

I wish you years and years of blown out birthday candles.

But more than years, I wish you years well lived, well loved, and passionately owned by you. Wander, wonder, seek God, seek love, seek hope, but never let others steal your joy, lead you down darkness, or stray from purposeful living.

You were beautifully, carefully, thoughtfully and very specifically created to be you.

Embrace you.

I wish you to know how special it is to be your mom.

I wish you to know what it feels like to be a mom to a tiny human like you one day. It is the bee's knees. There is nothing like it. My day ends with thoughts of you and begins where it left off. With you. I wish you to always and forever know that despite the chaos of life and the days that move like a stuck button on fast forward, you are the mixed tape playing in the background bringing me the highest of highs. 

You are the most pleasant mash up of melodies and harmonies and notes I can't sing. I wish I could wish I could sing, but this is about you. Not me. 

Mixed tapes are always special. They are curated, purposeful and selected with care. You are my little mixed tape, a huge splash of joy in my journey so please, I wish, don't let yourself ever fall too far from being you. I love your songs. Everyday I need to hear them. 

I wish you to always keep making me want to sing, even though I really can't, because I will know my wishes for you came true and your story will keep playing on.

If I can just wish one last little wish for you...

Don't be like the rest of them little darling, please forever and always, be you because I really really love y.o.u.!


Special Thanks to Julia Franks Photography


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