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Make Cloth Mainstream Challenge

Make Cloth Mainstream Challenge

Isla with her new easy to install and mobile, QD Spray Diaper Sprayer!

We're In! Come Join Us!

Before you jump on the "Are you serious? That is a lot of work band wagon," I invite you to check out the Make Cloth Mainstream Challenge Facebook Group of brand sponsors and diapering gurus to see how far modern cloth diapers have come and to get started. If you are pregnant or adopting or just considering having a baby, I encourage you to check it out too.

Education is golden and when it comes to baby poop it can't start too early. It is a delight to know many of the mom inventors and designers behind this Earth Day awareness project. If you like style, cute patterns, saving money, fewer chemicals, and the idea of putting something safer against your baby or toddler's skin, you should definitely give this lifestyle a whirl. Says the girl who may change her mind in a week. I kid. I kid.

The main reasons I registered for cloth diapers and then opted not to try them was my fear of never getting laundry finished but ultimately hearing that I could never put cute clothes on my baby (ever) because their diapers would be so huge. These are still my fears but I have since met so many moms who are OBSESSED with cloth diapers and love them so much, I felt like I had to give them a chance.

Worse case scenario is I will KNOW they are not for us or I will discover I can use them at home where we are most of the day anyways. But I really love to save money so let's hope a miracle happens and I fall in love with this new dynamic and my washing machine.

So far, as a brand participant in this challenge (which will include giveaways and prizes for those who sign up for the official challenge), I have been honored to receive diapering products from several brands and I have been so impressed with what is available to modern moms to make what seems like a lot of work and gross work at that, a whole lot more fun and easier. 

GroVia Hybrid Cloth Diapering Set with BioSoakers for On the Go or Inserts for Cloth Diapering.

Keep Poo Splatter to a Minimum with Spray Pal (awesome brand, awesome inventor)

I will definitely be highlighting our real and genuine experience (because that's how I do things) with this challenge and also share some of the cool new things out there for cloth diapering families. I love to learn and I hope you join my family and I on this fun little journey through Fluffville. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook and please feel free to send some support and encouragement our way. I will also be updating the blog so you can subscribe to it using the link below if that shines your penny so.

To sign up for the challenge or learn more about it, check out the link below. See you on the other side of my new organic cotton dipes.

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