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Introducing Swell Forever

Introducing Swell Forever

Swell Forever is a happy ever after.

It is something extraordinary one desires for another human being.  The wish of a Swell Forever® comes from deep within and expresses what is not always easy to say in person, in audible words. What are we living for if not to buoy one another and offer heartfelt kindness, encouragement, sympathy, humor, and joyful thoughts to make others feel loved and whole?

I am not amazing myself at expressing emotions, even though I feel them acutely. But I believe that so many people like myself exist and when it comes to gifting someone very special with a forever gift, there are few options that let you leave loving words that linger.

I always envision a grandparent wanting to impart wise or radiant thoughts to their precious grandchild, their legacy. They think about the things they have learned from their years on this earth and all the important values and lessons they want their grandchildren to gain.  What I have from grandparents who I always knew adored me are letters.  I saved quite a few of them.  It's what I reflect on when I try to hear their voice and feel their presence. They are no longer among us.

What I would give for a Forever Blanket®  - A simple and beautiful symbol of warmth, comfort and security with special words tailored to my life and their wishes for me.  Their letters are real, they are comforting and they are amazing reminders of the precious and these days, even rarer, gift of unconditional love. But it is wanting a little something more to wrap myself in that made me develop the concept of the Forever Blanket.  And wanting others to feel wrapped in the same.

I also think of the last time I saw my grandmother who was suffering from cancer. She was wrapped in a tattered but lovely heirloom quilt while sleeping, with a turban on her head covering the hair loss, and a melting Popsicle sitting next to her on the floor. It was all she could manage to eat.  I wish the blanket bringing her warmth was a Forever Blanket™ made by me with caring words of a doting 10-year-old girl. Did she ever really know how much she meant to me? It is so hard to say.

I think of all the words left unsaid by people that didn't know a great way to share their heart.  And what a shame. Even more heartbreaking than words left unsaid by people who love deeply, are children who never know that love.

When creating Swell Forever® as a company, I wanted to make this venture about touching everyone.  Love and kindness is exchanged with every blanket, a love that is expressed for a lifetime in beautiful ink and on crisp fabric. But with every blanket designed and gifted, a donation is made to help a child who greatly deserves a Swell Forever® and needs to be united with a family to love them for all time.

They need to develop the bonds of family so that one day they will have someone thoughtfully design a Forever Blanket™ just for them...to make them feel whole, secure, and a part of something truly special.  I like the image on the book where the bunny's arms are outstretched saying "I love you this much."  It's hard to believe so many people don't know what that feels like.

This has been a challenging project. I am a first time designer. I have had to change directions numerous times.  I have failed to achieve milestones when I wanted.  My passion drives me, but hard work and perseverance is what has brought me this far...to this first post on the Swell Forever®  blog.

We will launch. We will make pretty things. More importantly we will do so ethically, thoughtfully and with a greater mission in mind.  We will support manufacturing in the United States.  And while I can spout wild goals, bringing one child closer to a Swell Forever® is worth the *blood, sweat and tears because once you know love, you can't go back.

Thank you for taking the time to make our story, Swell Forever's story, a part of your own.

*I seem to recall a bloody incident with the fabric cutter. 


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