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Charlotte's Joy: Books that Give Forward

Charlotte's Joy Project

Support Charlotte through our Charlotte's Joy Project.

In August 2018, my sweet and eternally friendly sorority sister, April, received heartbreaking news that her two year old love, Charlotte, was diagnosed with a incurable and terminal genetic disease called Leukodystrophy. Both she and her husband are self employed and lack the nursing resources and funds required to provide the level of care this beauty will need given the progressive nature of the disease. To top off the challenges, April welcomed her third beautiful child in June and is juggling raising two other children including a newborn while working to spend every minute possible to fill Charlotte's life with love and joy.

We have prayers to send up for this family but we hope you will consider purchasing any of the Nancy Tillman children's books we offer below as an add on to your Forever Blanket order or just as a stand alone gift to someone you know. In each book we will include information about Charlotte's Joy to spread her light even further.

Since this will be an ongoing need, all books purchased will keep supporting the Robson family until no longer needed. You can also donate directly below or through their Go Fund Me page here.

Please note that we are ordering these books on a rolling basis. It may take an extra week to ship if our stock is low.