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Reusable Hygiene Mask

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Reusable Hygiene Mask
Reusable Hygiene Mask
Reusable Hygiene Mask
Reusable Hygiene Mask

About This Item

The Swell Take on Reusable Masks 

Now that we have 1,200 donated designs out the door, we have shifted gears to serve the general public and first and foremost, our customers! We make no guarantees with our masks so please use at your own risks. 

The goal for this effort was to design a mask that has a great ability to get a custom fit, is lightweight, can be reworn numerous times, and uses a filter material for more confidence in each wear. We also wanted to be able to fulfill a large number of requests so we are working with materials that we can get in larger quantities or easily replace once hard to find. 

Each mask is machine washable. For longer wear, we recommend placing in a protective laundry bag and using a delicate or low intensity cycle. We recommend washing in hot water with a sanitizing soap/detergent. Line dry is optimal. Based on current research, you may consider setting your mask in direct sunlight for a mid wear refresh. We chose lighter fabrics on purpose as masks should be kept sanitary and lighter colors show dirt more readily. Tie colors can vary. 

We tried numerous mask styles and patterns and decided this iteration was the most lightweight, better suited for the heat of summer and for kids. Our focus was not on fashion!

Details About Our Masks:

1. We used a high coverage design across the nose, mouth and chin. The filter fabric is super soft and flexible as well as eco friendly. We worked to avoid needle puncture holes across the mouth area. The filter fabric is on the inside of each mask. The pleated design allows the user to stretch material where needed for better coverage.

3. Due to the inconsistency of elastic supplies and feedback about pressure point stress with its continued usage, our masks will come with either soft cloth ties or spandex stretchy ties depending on what is available. Kids masks will come with stretchy ear loops.  Ear loops can be knotted for a tighter fit. (Tip: Alligator hair clips are excellent ways to keep ties from moving.)

4. Our masks are a single layer of moisture wicking filter fabric on the inside and one layer of cotton/muslin on the outside. The facts about the filter fabric we sourced:

- Soft OekoTex 100 class 1 cottonlike, non-woven fabric designed to provide 1 micron filtration 

- Eco friendly and dries quickly

- Breathable fabric and free of PVCs, coatings and chemical post treatments

- Wash tested for 500x washes 

Please wash your mask before wearing. Thank you to everyone serving vulnerable populations and risking their own health to protect others. Your purchase allows us to employ others in this time of uncertainty.

Please no orders of more than 5 masks per person. If you are a healthcare facility requesting a bulk purchase, email

Arrival: We are employing a team of seamstresses to fulfill mask orders from various locations and will ship within a week of order date unless otherwise communicated.

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