We offer two ways to personalize your Forever Blanket® gifts. Your personalized message tag comes standard with the purchase of your gift. If you would like to add a beautiful classic or modern monogram to the front right corner of the blanket, simply add our monogram upcharge option on the drop down box of the product page order form. Monograms range from $12-70. If you have more than a triple name/words on a blanket, please contact us for pricing.

Keep in mind that shades can vary from computer screen to computer screen and in person. For custom colors, please email. support@swellforever.com.


To see additional examples, please visit our #foreverblanket hashtag on Instagram:
For more information about our personalized tags, check out this page

Brand New: Digitize Your Own Design!

You can now embroider your blanket using your own handwriting or someone else's handwriting. Or, your own design. Digitizing your monogram requires a $25 upcharge and can be specified under the Font Options menu on the order form (Choose Digitize: Submit Handwriting). Please be ready to send your photo or image file to jeanswellforever@gmail.com with your order number. We only offer this feature in one thread color at the present time. Corporate logos can be done in various colors for larger orders. Choose the monogram cost option based on how many words you want embroidered (ex: one word: Single Name Monogram, two words as seen in sample below: Double Name Monogram).

Please see our customer reviews at the very bottom of each product listing page for more information about our beautiful gifts.

Noah with Grey Satin Trim, Dark Grey Thread, Double Monogram, Stacked

The Noah Forever Blanket in blue and grey trim, blue and dark grey thread (Above)

The Lindsay Forever Blanket throw, Navy, White Thread (Above)

The Lindsay Forever Blanket throw, Oatmeal, Medium Grey Thread (Above)

The Susan Forever Blanket Oatmeal, Navy Thread (Above)

Wilder with Grey Satin Trim, Light Pink Thread (Above)

Please note: We have replaced the Wilder font with a similar font that takes up less space. Photos of the earlier font below may vary slightly in terms of spacing between letters so we can fit your names better on the blankets.

Miles Baby Blanket with Dark Grey Thread (Above)

 The Gabriel Forever Blanket throw, light grey thread (Above, bottom)


Gabriel with White Satin Trim, Light Pink Thread (Above)

Susan Throw in Spring Green with Cream Thread (Above)

Susan Forever Blanket {throw} Oatmeal, Lavender Thread (Above)

Oatmeal Susan Throw, Light Grey Thread (Above)

Cream Lindsay Throw, Dark Grey Thread (Above)

Noah with Grey Satin Trim, Matching Grey Thread (Above)

 Susan Navy Throw, Navy Thread (shades can vary) (Above)


The Lindsay Forever Blanket {throw}, Oatmeal with Cream Thread (Above)

Miles Baby Blanket, Light Grey Thread (Above)


The Lindsay Forever Blanket throw, Cream, Dark Grey Thread (Above)

The Lindsay Forever Blanket {throw} Oatmeal, Medium Grey Thread (Above)

The Susan Forever Blanket {throw} Navy, Light Grey Thread (Above)

The Miles Forever Blanket {throwbaby}, Light Pink Thread (Above)

 Miles Baby Blanket, Light Pink Thread (Above)

Susan Forever Blanket in Oatmeal (corporate order), Navy Thread (Above)

The Miles {baby}, Raspberry Thread + Light Pink Thread (Above) 

 Gabriel Forever Blanket with Pink Satin, Light Pink Thread (Above)

Gabriel Forever Blanket in White Satin, Blue Thread Leo (Above)

The Miles Forever Blanket, Raspberry Thread (Above)

The Miles Forever Blanket, Aqua Thread (Above)

The Gabriel Forever Blanket, Dark Grey Satin, Blush Pink Thread (Above)

Note that initial monograms in this font may overlap.

 The Noah with pink trim, Light Pink Thread (Above)

Miles Baby Blanket, Light Pink Thread (Above)

Miles Baby Blanket, Raspberry Thread (Above)

Please select Foley (Squared) for the bottom left hand layout option.

 Miles Baby Blanket, Light Grey Thread (Above)

Kevin Forever Blanket throw in grey, Dark Grey Thread (Above Left)

Lindsay Forever Blanket throw in charcoal, Dark Grey Thread (Above Right)

Miles Baby Blanket, Navy Thread (Above)

Susan Forever Blanket {throw} Oatmeal, Dark Grey Thread (Above)

Millie Forever Blanket {baby} Blue, Cream Thread (Above)


Lindsay Forever Blanket {throw} Navy, White Thread (Above)

Susan Forever Blanket {throw} Cream, Red Thread (Above)


New font: Photos coming soon. All lowercase letters look great in this font.

Lindsay Forever Blanket {throw} Oatmeal, Khaki/Tan Thread (Above)

Heirloom Baby Blanket Handmade

Wilder Forever Blanket {baby} light grey satin, Blush Pink Thread (Above)


Blanket Monogram Font Options

More photos coming soon. This is a new font! Names only.