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How to Place an Order

Everything You Need to Know About Swell Forever Blankets®

Thanks for your interest in our custom heirloom gifts.

Here are a few things to note before you place an order:

Technical Issues

If you have issues accessing our order forms on a product page, please refresh the page and wait a few minutes, or try a new browser.

Order Forms

We have an order form on each product page. You can order multiple items before checking out, but will have to add each unique item to the cart if the style, color, monogram and message are not all identical. Refresh the page if you don't see the form. You can also try a new browser.

Personalized Message Tags

Every purchase includes a personalized message tag at no additional charge. Place all your text for the tag in the Message Text box of our order form. We will design it to fit the space beautifully.  If the field is left blank or you type in "standard," we automatically add the message "May love keep you warm."

Here is a link to samples of our personalized message tags.

We only use two fonts. Standard and cursive. If you want a certain layout or words emphasized a special way, please note these instructions in our Special Design Notes box. No notes are required. Emailing a special layout to ensure your vision is matched is welcome. Note your order number and contact jeanswellforever@gmail.com.

Handwritten Message Tag Upgrade

If you want to submit handwriting or writing from a card, you can access our custom forms here or take a photo of your handwriting from a card and send to jeanswellforever@gmail.com. Do not select "Submit Handwriting Sample" if you want our cursive text on your tag. Do select it if you want to submit a sample of your own handwriting or someone else's. It is a $5 up charge. We now offer over sized tags. If providing signatures from numerous people such as a teacher's gift or group gift, you will need to select Over sized Tag Design as your option for $15 extra. This will also include the design fee. Signatures need to be provided on one sheet of plain white copy paper using a thick pen or ink. No pencil or skinny pens.


We do not offer proofs unless an order is five blankets or more. Why? We are a tiny little business and all those fancy preview tools do not work with our software or products. Additionally, we custom design EACH AND EVERY message tag, instead of using an automated program.

We also try to beat most Etsy custom product turnarounds. Proofing would tack on several more weeks to get your order to you. We will send you a replacement tag for free if you notice a major typo (customer's mistake) after the order ships, but do please review carefully!


In addition to our custom tags, we offer monogramming and embroidery options, to further customize your Forever Blanket® gift. Only some of our Forever Blankets® can be monogrammed. Please read the product detail page carefully to see if monogramming is available.

See sample monograms here.

Due to copyright issues, we cannot display every letter of every font or provide previews for your unique combination. See above about proofs. However, we have tried to show a good sampling of the fonts. If we notice a very wonky letter in a font we will notify you before stitching. Js and Is are notoriously tough font letters. If fonts are difficult or create issues on our products, we stop using them. Feel free to inquire about a difficult letter combination.

Please review monogram spelling carefully.

We try to catch customer mistakes as a courtesy if possible to save time and money on both ends, but we have no way of knowing if Holden is spelled with an "e" or an "o".

If ordering an initial monogram, always put the last initial in the middle or write out the full name. Couple's last names also go in the middle. Unless you request otherwise in an email, we make middle initials larger. Baby blanket initial monograms always go on the diagonal in the corner.

Turnaround Times

Information about turnaround times can be found here.

    Rush Ordering

    Information about placing a rush order can be found here.

    Bulk Discounts

    We can offer some discounts on bulk shipping and bulk blanket orders but it is based on your location, blanket option, turnaround, etc. Rarely can we offer discounts on the Wesley, Susan and Lindsay collections but we welcome your inquiries at support@swellforever.com

    Gift Receipts

    We NEVER include prices in our delivery packages!