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Better than Butter Belly Oil

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Better than Butter Belly Oil

About This Item

Better than Butter Pregnancy Belly Oil - Organic Oils - Stretch Mark Prevention - 8 oz.

Better Than Butter Belly Oil was created to be the most effective and natural product in fighting those problematic stretch marks during pregnancy. Better Than Butter Belly Oil is made with high quality and organic oils. It is made to rub on gently and absorb into skin. It is most effective when applied immediately after showering, when skin is more prone to taking in moisture. This belly oil can also be applied to hips, inner thighs, chest, and any other growing area supporting your bouncing baby. This product is a best seller!

What makes us different? A lot of big, name brand pregnancy oils (and lotions) contain synthetic mineral oil, which only moisturizes the top layer of skin.  Pure and natural oils moisturize not only the top layer of skin, but goes into the deeper layers to really, condition skin. Our customers also love that our belly oil is not as greasy as other competitor products.

Better Than Butter Belly Oil is made with certified organic organic olive, coconut, and almond oil. Non GMO Vitamin E oil has been added for its healing properties for skin and to help to increase its elasticity. You have your choice of scents in the selection box (pregnancy safe essential oils and certified organic, chemical free fragrance blends).  Our unscented product has a very light coconut aroma from the unrefined organic coconut oil. 

Better Than Butter Belly Oil is stored in a clear, 8 oz recyclable bottle with pull top flow to minimize any mess when applying.

Our all natural organic products will always be free of parabens, petroleum and petroleum based ingredients. Our focus is on affordable, healthy, natural and organic, luxurious handcrafted baby and beauty products.

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