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Outlet The Blooming Book: An Adoption Story

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The Blooming: A Story of Adoption Book

A heartwarming tale for children about foster care and adoption.

Swell Forever is honored to partner with Katie Orbrecht, author of this darling and needed little book about adoption. A hopeful adoptive mom, she herself was adopted as a child and knows first hand that there are often many difficult questions not easily answered for adopted children. For every two books purchased, we will donate one in collaboration with "The Blooming Book" project to agencies working with children who will benefit from this unique perspective on why they were adopted or why they are living with a new family in foster care.


The Blooming chronicles the journey of a young flower, Bud, through his adoption adventure. When winter comes, Bud’s parents make a loving decision to place Bud in the care of another family for his betterment. Will Bud be able to find his forever home and bloom?

The Blooming is a metaphor for the adoption process that gives caregivers an icebreaker to an open, honest conversation with their children. Designed for children aged 2 – 7, this beautifully illustrated book provides a story bathed in love that champions adoption as a necessary event for the betterment of children, without demonizing their biological parents. Because of this, the book provides comfort to children having difficulties rationalizing their adoptions and provides an alternative perspective to abandonment.


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